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From Volume VI - June 1977 issue of the Coryell Newsletter
Edited by Nobel Burr Coryell, issues of the newsletter and a binder (Coryells "S" Line) of Coryell Family Information were donated to the Jennings County Public Library in 1986

    The first paragraphs of the history below was taken from "A Memorial Sketch of the Spear Families" by W.E. Spear and published on New Years Day of 1906 in Westport, IN.     Nancy Spear was born February 21, 1828. She was married at her Uncle Absolom Eliott's place to Francis Marion Coryell on October 16, 1851. In the spring of 1852 they settled on a farm (in a log cabin) one mile west of Brewersville, Indiana on the north side of Sand Creek. Several years later on they bought more land and moved into the larger two-story brick house, where they have lived ever since. Frank, as he is called was born in Chemung county, New York, May 3, 1829, and was brought to Indiana by his parents in 1839, who settled one mile east of Vernon, Indiana. Frank is the youngest son of Michael and Frances Drake Coryell. The Coryells are of Dutch decent, and their ancestors came to Amreica several centuries ago.
    Frank and Nancy are very regular in their habits and precise in their ways. Everything about the house and barn occupy the same places they did forty years ago. They are very puncutual in sending their chidlren to school, to church and Sunday school (Methodist). They tried to impress the idea on their children that nothing would do but farming and no place would do but Jennings County, IN-- but nearly all of their eight children have moved away and followed other kinds of business. Frank and Nancy (1906) are getting old and feeble, and live on that big farm and in that brick house alone.
    Frank and Nancy have lived in the brick house for more than half a century here their children were born (except for the older ones who were born in the log house) and raised; on this home spot they have grown old, and perhaps from these doors they will be carried to their last resting place. (Frank died 12 Mar. 1907 and Nancy died 3 Jan. 1913 - both are buried at Cave Springs Cemetery). On October 16, 1901 they celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. A big crowd assembled to congratulate them on being permitted to walk the journey of life so long together.
Before 1889
    The house was originally built by a Mr. Rich, during the Mexican War. His only son was killed and he never completed the house. In 1977 this house is approximately 172 years old. The slate roof put on at the time the Coryell's resided in the house is in good shape today.
    Before moving into the brick house Frank and Nancy Coryell lived in this log cabin about a quarter mile distant. Here at least two of their eight children were born.
    Just prior to the 1960's the old brick house had laid abandoned and unused for fifiteen or twenty years. It was full of snakes, bats, squirrels and other wildlife. Most of the windows were broken. Finally in the late 1950's Mr. Robert WIlds of Indianapolis purchased the house and farm (600 acres). He has spent manhy thousands of dollars re-building the house and improving the farm. Today it is a fine property where horses and cattle are raised on beautiful pastures.

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