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From Jennings County Public Library Archives
This picture is only identified as Freshman Year the school is not given so I did some reasearch on each of the people who are named - they were mostly residents of North Vernon and were born just before 1900. They are in some sort of costumes, so it may have been after a school play or program. Due to their ages it would have been taken around 1915.
Top Row - Clifford Small, Clyde Hare, Ewing Campbell, Milford Marlet, Fred Zebell, Ralph Leech, Joe Barth.
Middle Row - kneeling?, Teacher?, Clarence Wilkerson, Lina Roush (Rouse), Leona Engle, Marion Trip, Florence Davis.
Front Row - _____? Edna Phillips, _____? Ruth Tech, Margaret Hicks

If you can fill in any blanks or make corrections please contact me SHEILA

Clifford Allen Small - born December 19, 1899 in Bigger Township to Harry E. Small & Minnie C. Mills, died May 17, 1973 in Florida.

Clyde William Hare - born November 13, 1897 in Jennings County to William J. Hare & Mollie Wildman, died November 2, 1950 in Bloomington, Monroe County, Indiana.

Ewing Howard Campbell - born December 12, 1898 in Indiana to William S. Campbell & Nancy Jane Howard, died November 8, 1983 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Milford Earl Marlet - born November 22, 1899 in Indiana to Ezra Marlett & Flora Alice Branham, died April 19, 1962 in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Dwight Frederick ZeBell - born November 28, 1898 in Jennings County to Dwight ZeBell & Lucy Johnson, died February 19, 1968 in Columbus, Bartholomew County, Indiana.

Ralph James Leech - born March 12, 1899 in Indiana to James Leech & Emma Herche, died July 10, 1968 in Marion, Grant County, Indiana.

Joseph Cone Barth - born January 15, 1900 in Jennings County to Herman Edward Barth & Louisa Wilkerson, died March 14, 1990 in Wisconsin

Clarence Wilkerson - born April 7, 1890 in Jennings County to Thomas Joseph Wilkerson & Alice McNulty, died January 7, 1976 in Jackson County, Indiana

Lina Deborah Rouse - born January 17, 1898 in Indiana to Isaac McClellan Rouse & Clara Belle Conner, died December 12, 1982 in Crown Point, Lake County, Indiana

Leona Engle - born about 1900 in Indiana to David Engle and Clara Shepherd Marion Trip - born April 19, 1899 in Jennings County to Frederick Hagerman Tripp & Nannette Patterson Robinson, died July 30, 1986 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Florence Davis - born July 16, 1899 in Jennings County to John W. Davis & Georgia Murray, died June 9, 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Edna Phillips - born October 7, 1899 in Jennings County to William Phillips & Ida Verbarg, died November 19, 1980 in Seymour, Jackson County, Indiana.

Ruth Catherine Tech - born January 6, 1900 Union County, Indiana,to Edward W Tech & Kate Margaret Hicks - born October 15, 1899 in Jennings County to Harry Hicks & Hellen Alley, died February 26, 1978 in Jasper, Dubois County, Indiana.

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