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Ruth Haskett Stines in 1993
Discriptions by Mrs. Stines if you can identify any students who are not identified contact Sheila Kell at the Jennings County Public Library. Comments in this color purple are mine.

Lovett High School - 1929
Ray Tatlock, Principal and Coach
Miss Joy Arbuckle, Teacher
Miss Laura Haskett, Teacher
Front row, left to right:____ ____, ____ ____, Lena Baker, Doris Carpenter,Alice Hein, Anna Haskett, Morris James.
2nd row: Alvin Green, Nellie Short, Ruth Haskett, Helen Hein, Edna Frazier, Donald Morin.
3rd row: ____ ____, _____ _____, Rachel Carson, Lydia Scott, ____ ____, Laura Haskett, Elsie Short, Roe Green.
Back row: ____ ____, Roger Davis, Ray Tatlock, (girl in front of Tatlock unknown), Miss Arbuckle, Roger Ashton.

Seventh & Eighth Grades
Front row, left to right:Phyllis Meek, Doris Carpenter, Alice Hein, Geneva ____, Helen Hein, Ruth Haskett, Edith Frazier.
Middle row:Anna Haskett, ____ ____, Morris James, Roger Davis, Edmund Randolph, ____ ____.
Back row:____ ____, Glen Malott,teacher, ____ ____, Donald Morin.

Left to right: Ray Tatlock,____ ____ , Elsie Short, Ruth Haskett, Anna Haskett, Nellie Short, Edna Frazier, Rachel Carson, ____ ____.

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