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Passmore Anniversary Celebration
September 5, 1871 - North Vernon Plain Dealer
    The 50th anniversary of the marriage of George and Phebe Passmore was pleasantly celebrated on the 30th ult., by a reunion of their children and grand children, together with other relatives and a few friends.
    The meeting was at their home - the residence of Hiram Smith, a son-in-law - near Benville, where a bountiful repast was partaken of by just fifty persons, typical of the number of years this aged couple have been journeying together.
    There appeared to be but one circumstance to mar the joyousness of the occasion, and that was the absence of a loved daughter, the wife of Milton Heacock, of the State of Nebraska.
    There were four of their five living children present; two having reached the other shore. Of grand-children there are nineteen left out of thirtyfive born to them.
    In the evening after spent a pleasant day the friends separated, each with the conviction that it was good thus to be together. J.
Hutton Reunion
August 13, 1914 - North Vernon Plain Dealer
    The annual Hutton reunion was held at the Wm. Hutton home here on Sunday, with an attendance of 95. The threatening weather kept some from coming but the rain kindly waited until the dinner was cleared away. The following were present: Wm. Hutton and wife, E. J. Hutton, John Hutton and wife, Jas. Stewart and family, Emerson Rine and family, Ephriam Jordan and family, Dr. J. W. McClure and family, Elizabeth McManaman, Alonzo Jordon and family, Isaiah McManaman and family, Bert McCammon and family, Perry Mathews and wife, John McCammon, Thos. Jordon, Luella Davis and son, Oscar Hutton and family, Arthur Hutton, Silas Baker and family, Jas. Grinstead and wife, Ernest Baker and family, Sherman Cruloe and family, Mrs. Brougher and three children, Mrs. Eva Huntington and two daughters. As guests of the reunion folks, the following friends partook of the most excellent dinner; J.W. Silver and wife, Estella Hole, Mrs. Albert Barnum and son, Willard, Sam Morrison and wife, Grandma Barnum, Mrs. Eliza Nocks, Ira Ross and family, Mrs. Sadie Ross, Mrs. Samantha Jessup, Eugene Clarkson, Phil Rice and wife, Elsie Gordon, Press Price, and Rev. J. M. Swarthout and family.

Underwood Family
November 1, 1877 - North Vernon Plain Dealer
    The children, grand children and great-grand-children of Calenia Underwood held a family reunion at the house of Araminta Pearcy, her widowed daughter, on October 18, 1877. The old lady is one of our pioneers and quite hearty for her age--94 years. The gathering was in honor of her birthday and was the third of the kind. Of her relatives present, 17 came from Madison and the remainder from Otter Creek and Columbia and Campbell townships, all bringing well-filled baskets. A large table was spread, the old lady at the head. After 100 persons had eaten, to all appearance half as many more might have been fed. The afternoon was spent in social conversation. Mrs. Underwood has lived to see the fourth generation and of her family there are living 4 children, 21 grand-children, 68 great-grand-children, and six great-great-grand-children--in all 94--just one for each year of her life. The meeting was a pleasant one to all. Many of the friends made the old lady presents, consisting of money, groceries and dry-goods. The reunion will be held every year as long as Mrs. Underwood lives.

Hendricks Family
    A family reunion was held at the residence of Lafayette Hendricks, near Lovett, on the 6th of October, on his 52d birthday anniversary at which some 60 of his relatives were present. Mr. Hendricks still lives on the same farm where he was born and raised. He was married in 1857, and has living 14 children and three grandchildren. These were all present, as was his mother, Harriet Hendricks, who lives at Dupont, aged 97 years. The crowd was polled politically and found to number as follows:
    Republican majority five dozen.
    The Hendricks family is evidently a good one. May they live long, all of them, and prosper.

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