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Donated to Jennings County INGenWeb by Kerry Williams

Comments by Kerry, "My paternal grandmother, Margaret (Johnson) Williams, was from Vernon. She moved to Indianapolis sometime between 1900 and 1904, where she met my grandfather and had seven children. My dad will be 91 in March and he has fond memories or visiting his grandmother, Nancy (Flinn) Johnson, and aunts in Vernon during his youth. We occasionally stop in Vernon and walk around the courthouse square and the cemetery. Nancy died in 1938 and she and at least one of her daughters, Mabel, are buried there."
"The first picture was a postcard sent to my Dad's aunt, Mabel, postmarked 1911."

"The second was from the tornado that hit Vernon, which I learned from your website that this was 1932."

"The third is my great grandmother's house, which is no longer there. I can remember driving by this house with my Dad around 1970, but I think it was gone by 1980. I believe it sat on the southeast corner of Brown St. and the alley between Perry & Posey Sts. My dad remembers her house having a cistern which provided very bad tasting water, so he would walk to the courthouse pump for a drink.
My great-grandfather, Edward Johnson, also lived here. He was a Civil War veteran, but in the Ohio Calvary. He and Nancy were married in 1879 in Vernon. Edward spent the final years of his life in the Veterans Hospital in Dayton, OH and he is buried there."
Thank You Kerry - for the pictures and your family memories.

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