Jennings County Indiana
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                             Notes From the Jennings County Public Library
                                                       Some resources available there

                                                 Local  & Family Histories
                                                     T hese entries are told more in story form some are quite old others more recent

Kennett Papers on Jones, Tobias & Boyd Families
Part two of Kennett Papers 
History of Marion Township
The Villiage of Paris Indiana
Paris Crossing in Early Times       
Early Jennings County    
History of Paris Crossing High School
A Sad Story-The Crime of George Washington Sage 
Stewart Memories
Biography of Robert Miller
James H.C. Rodgers
Sporleder Family History
Dixon Family 
Benjamin Robbins Family Story  
Biography of William J. Howlett   born in Jennings county, settled in Oregon
Family of Isaac Young Taulman   November 2, 1819 - May 24, 1913 
Maupin Family
Grinstead Family   
John B. New    
Biographical Sketches   of early settlers
Politically Prominant Biographical Sketches   of Jennings County, written in 1889

Anti-Slavery and African Americans in Jennings County   (including names in the local negro registry from the 1850's)
Westport Indiana - Jennings Counties neighbor to the north - including Jennings County families
The Family of Alban Housely Adams  
Conner Family Data  
Amick Family Obituaries  donated by Dawn Jump
revwilltstott.html    William T. Stott as written by his grandson Rev. Dr. William T. Stott whose biography is below
Descendants of Raleigh Stott   This page contains a link to a large PDF file, it may be slow to load but be patient it is over 100 pages on the Stott family! 
The Civil War Letters of Jacob Goltry -  Fascinating transcription of actual letters to Emeline (Force) Goltry who lived in 
                                        Spencer Township contributed by Charles M. Wright a descendant of Jacob & Emeline Goltry.
Catholic Celebrations in Jennings County 1902 and 1921

Fear and Sage Families      Fears & Sages of Jennings County - from Sparks Family History - The Sparkses are linked to the Jennings
                                                    County Fears, Sages, Barneses, Mosleys, Deputys, Fosters and several other families. 

William Cunliff    Civil War Service and information
Orlando Bacon  Newspaper article NEW
Father Michael Missi Newspaper article at the time of his death. NEW
McCauley 50th AnniversaryNewspaper article on Jas. McCauley & wife 1906 NEW

The following Biographies are from Indiana and Indianans published in 1919

Biography of Burtis Paul Thomas  
Biography of Harrington Boyd   
Biography of William Taylor Stott  
Gen. Robert S. Foster  
Charles J. Waits

                                                              Genealogy Reports
                                                   Contributed by Researchers-pictures included with some

Decendants of Joseph Ayers
Decendants of William Cloud Blasdel
Decendants of Jacob Reinhart
Decendants of Newton John Graham
Decendants of Ellis Elias Thomas
Decendants of Caleb Hays
Decendants of John Mills
Decendants of Peter Riplinger 
Decendants of Mathias Zener 
Family of William N. O. Prather    
Decendants of William Gaston Humphrey    Pictures of the Humphry family & Paris Crossing
Family of Abraham Walton
Griffith and Moncrief Families   
John S Meek Registry Report    A very large PDF file - Contributed by Gary Childs  
Nathaniel Meek Genealogy Research   Contributed by Gary Childs 
Childs, Meek & Sullivan Records   Contributed by Gary Childs
Descendants of Rev. John Shepherd    Contributed by Sharon Craig  *NEW*

                                                                           Cemetery Records & Connections
          I am including here anything to do with Cemetery Records and Searches including off site links to find those records-some of these include pictures of either the Cemetery or individual tombstones.

Cemetery Locations    This page has local Cemetery locations and links to transcriptions in some cases it takes you to Cemeteries listed separately below

Stones Of Honor     Link to Excellent photos of Military Headstones in Jennings County taken by Dave Westfall 
Dodd Funeral Home Records   Dodd Funeral Home was located in Montgomery Township but took care of many Jennings County burials
Deputy Farm Cemetery   aka "Old" Deputy Cemetery - by Kathleen Deputy Collier 
Cana Cemetery -Marion Township 

Wilson Cemetery (aka Boner Farm Cemetery) 
Bennett Cemetery  Vernon Township 
Graham Baptist Church & Cemetery   (Bigger Township)  Pictures 
Bethel Cemetery (Bigger Townsip) 
Bland Cemetery   Bigger Township 
Rush Branch Cemetery  Bigger Township  Pictures 
Otter Creek Cemetery -Campbell Township
Hopewell Quaker Cemetery  Campbell Township 
Willey Family Graveyard 
  Montgomery Township
Coffee Creek Christian Chruch Cemetery   Montgomery Township 
Graham Presbyterian Cemetery   Lovett Township-beside Graham Presbyterian Church-pictures  
Lewellen Cemetery   Geneva Township
Old Scipio Cemetery  Geneva Township
Scipio Cemetery   Geneva Township 
Wildley Cemetery   Geneva Township 
Wilsons Mill Cemetery   Vernon Township
Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery    Vernon Township
Baldwin Cemetery    A few pictures taken 2007 and a link to an excellent Find a Grave listing
Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery    Vernon Township
Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery    Marion Township-Deputy Family-Pictures 
Old German Methodist Church Cemetery   Marion Township 
Tea Creek Baptist Church & Cemetery  Lovett Township
Freedom Baptist Church & Cemetery   Vernon Township 
Smith & Whitcomb Cemeteries    Spencer Township
Barkman Cemetery    Spencer Township
Hunt & Myers Cemeteries    Spencer Township 
Hayden Cemetery   Spencer Township 
Six Mile Cemetery  Spencer Township
Gaddy/Wykoff & Cave/Dixon Cemeteries -early transcription, Montgomery Township 
Gaddy/Wykoff Cemetery -recent transcription and pictures, Montgomery Township
Poor Farm Cemetery   Vernon Township 
St Anne's Catholic Cemetery 
Lovett Township Cemeteries   Cemeteries listed include, Centerville BaptistGreen, Marsh, Meek, Weston Baptist, & Hopewell
Cemeteries in Various Townships    Cemeteries listed include, Bear Creek (Montgomery Township), Summerfield Vawter (Center Township), St. James & St. Joseph (Spencer Township), St. Denis (Columbia Township), Green (Center Township), Coryell (Marion Township), Kline & Ice Creek (Center Township), Kysar (Marion Township), Bland (Bigger Township), Henry (Geneva Township), St. Bridget (Campbell Township), Corbin (Columbia Township), Eastman Farm (Spencer Township), Lewellen (second time listed-Geneva Township), Hulse (Geneva Township), Old Rock Creek (Geneva Township), Queensville 1 & 2 (Geneva Township).
Bear Creek Baptist Cemetery   near the Decatur County Line  LINK to Find A Grave Site
Nelson Cemetery-Just over the County line in Jefferson County, Jennings County families buried here.
Pisgah Cemetery  Another Jefferson County Cemetery with Jennings County Connections-located in Graham Township-this is a link to Jefferson County, INGenWeb site so will take you there. 

I highly recommend Find a Grave some excellent researchers have information on this site

Search for cemetery records in Jennings County, IN at by entering a surname and clicking search:

Restrict search to


                Jennings County Records-Transcriptions & Notes
These are either old records transcribed by me from photos of old documents & books at the Courthouse in Vernon or Pictures of old records also in my possession. I want to Thank those who have sent information included in this section

Letters-Written by Rachel Wilkins-transcriptions of actual letters written from 1859-1861- a real look at early pioneer life in Jennings County
Oldest Record Book   July 8, 1817 to June 1829 
Probate Record Book One -July 1830 to November 1836 
Court Record Book C    Nov. 1836-May 1843
Court Record Book C pt 2   Nov. 1836-May 1843 A work in progress
Will Record Book One -1843 to 1862
Newspaper Clippings   
More Newspaper Clippings  Constantly adding to this as I do research at the Library 

Bible Records     Robbins, Dixon & James family Bibles
Old Scrapbook       Nauer family connections - newspaper clippings mostly late 1800's 
Smith Family Bible  The family of Noah Harris Smith
Vernon Baptist Church     Early Members, some spelling issues so don't rely on the search engine. 
Deer Creek Neighborhood      By James Feagler  
Evan Thomas Family Bible   A link to Roy Hutchinson's site actual pictures of the Thomas Family Bible
Emily Bullock Basnett & Thomas Bachelor - newspaper clippings
Soldiers Reunion 1875   From "This is Jennings County" a booklet from about 1908
Jennings County School Teachers in 1875   From "This is Jennings County" a booklet from about 1908 
Jennings County Poor Farm   various dates
Mortality Schedule 1850 
County Bond Book    1866-1868
Patients of Dr. Thomas Selman   
Jennings County Marriage Index -1830 thru April 1837
Jennings County Marriage Records   1818-1837--actual photos of pages from book-will not show in search
Memorial Record of Geneva Ayers Stewart-example of a funeral record from 1940-handled by Dodds Funeral Home-Paris Crossing Indiana, names of those who attended the funeral (names on these will not show in search since they are pictures not text).
Old Citizens From the Plain Dealer 1861
Prominent Citizens    of Jennings County
Newspaper Clippings of Pioneer Birthdays   Solomon Deputy, Charlie Murphy & Mrs. Susan Alley
Revolutionary Soldiers  -Buried in Jennings County *Updated*
List of some Civil War Soldiers   Marion Township
Morgan Raid Commission Report    Those who applied to have damages from Morgan's Raid paid by the Government
Eighty-Second Indiana Infantry   All officers & enlisted men from the Adjutant Generals Report 
Clarkson & Pool tidbits  contributed by Donna 
Paris Crossing Alumni Book  History and pictures of Paris Crossing High School & students.
Lett Family   Facts & Questions on Lett Research
Coffee Creek Baptist Association Book    by J. C. Tibbets, Published in 1883
Vernon 1858 & 1876   An account of professions & trades in Vernon  
Paris Methodist Circuit Baptism Records    1892 to 1906
Paris Methodist Circuit Marriage Records   1891 to 1902
History of "Old" Paris  The best and most comprehensive information I have seen on "Old" Paris  
Jefferson Proving Ground  Information on both Jennings & Jefferson County  
Harlan Family   Referances in the book History & Genealogy of the Harlan Family," by Alpheus H. Harlan
Bigger Township Memories  From the book Memories of Bigger Township
Paris Guards     Muster Rolls of the Paris Guards a Regiment of the 9th Indiana Legion  
Indiana Legion    Information on the Indiana Legion at the time of "Morgans Raid" 
Sixth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry  Many soldiers from Jennings & Jefferson Counties served in this unit. 
Ninth Indiana Legion  From the Adjutant Generals Report - Officers and Record of service
jenlurtonsstore.html   Newspaper account of the store in Commiskey, Indiana 1966 
Jennings G.A.R.  
       Muster rolls & records for Jennings County, G.A.R 
Scipio Presbyterian Church    History of the Scipio Presbyterian Church  1832 - 1957 
Bear Creek Baptist Church   History written in 1870 
Graduates of North Vernon High School     1878 - 1912  
Charter Members North Vernon & Vernon GAR posts   1889 
Republican Voters Interviewed January 1880 
Jennings County School Teachers   1919-1920  from North Vernon Sun, Newspaper
Old Settlers Meeting  held 1879 in Old Paris
Soldiers Reunion North Vernon, October 16, 1879
Graham Presbyterian Church History a combination of History written by Walter Carson and notes from session minutes.
  Jennings County Obituaries NEW
Teachers 1908 List of 1908 Teachers and School Officials NEW

Broken Branches - seeking to find living descendants of these people (UPDATED-10/13/2012) 

Jennings County Township Maps

                        JenningsCounty Photos
Jennings County Photo Gallery
Historic Structures of Vernon 
Tribute to Lethia Cartwright   Vernon Cemetery Caretaker for many years 
Photo of Unknown men    -Possible Maupin family connection can you help identify
Property Near Dupont    Do you know where it is located?
Coffee Creek School House    Commiskey  
Lemuel & Mary "Polly" (Walton) Wells     Contributed by Sharon Seaver - also the will of Lemuel Wells   
Cana School, Marion Township    Cana School Picture 1894 or 1895 do you know which school?
Group of young People   Center Township (North Vernon) around 1900 
Help with Identification   Probably Taylors, Foists or Jaynes
Family of James Albert Johnson   from Marion Township
James R. Pool   Military, picture & service record
Early Days in Jennings County   by unknown McCauley 
San Jacinto School Photo    Bigger Township - 1924 

                        Research Jennings County
                                        Links, and Resources for your Jennings County Family Research
Jennings County Indiana Genealogy   Great Web Site by Jonathan Lopnow
Jennings County Local Resources   Who to contact for Jennings County Records-also Look ups
Surname Researchers for Jennings County   Contact others researching Jennings County Families
Local History -Jennings County
Early History of Catholicity   in Jennings County
Hayden Historical Museum  -  Lots of information on Spencer Township and the community of Hayden - I highly recommend the Hayden Junefest - lots of fun and good music!  
St. Joseph's Catholic Church  Records of both St. Joseph's and St. Anne's kept here  *New Link*
Lattimore Family Research   Good information with local connections
cCaslin & Related Families   Excellent research on McCaslin & Related families
Vawter Family Website    Including-Branham, Crawford,Wise, Lewis, Stribling, Glover and Moncrief.
Lovett Family Genealogy 
on Rootsweb
Yesteryears in Southeastern Indiana  Another web site of mine more personal about me and my move to southern IN. 
Harlan Family in America   Harlan Family Research
Michael Sheppard's Genealogical Database - Most Common Surnames - Pulliam (34), Osborne (34), Hale (37), Shepherd (40), Powell (40), Perkins (41), Stapp (42), Culp (43), Pugh (44), McCormick (62), Moncrief (64)
Griffith & Moncrief Family Genealogy Years of research on the Griffin and Moncrief families.
Town of Vernon   Web site-current information & town history
Histopolis a collarbrative Genealogy & History Website for Jennings County - Cemetery locations & Community names

          Indiana & National Research Links & Hints 

Indiana USGenWeb Archives
Historic Eleutherian College -In Lancaster, Jefferson County, Jennings County families also involved in the Anti-Slavery Society which was connected to the College.

Historic Facts, Terms and Items of Interest   Excellent information by Michael Graves - answers "what does that mean"

I am always talking about you need to check out County boundry changes here is a really neat site that shows those changes so you can see what has happened over the years.   

Indiana Baptist History, 1798-1908 written 1908 by William T. Stott

AfriGeneas   For those searching for their African American Roots

Useful Definitions  Old time Disease definitions, Cemetery Inscription Meanings, Kinship, Occupations.

Cemetery Restoration Repair of broken or damaged tombstones

Revolutionary War Pensioners   1840 census of Pensioners-searchable-all states

The Primitive Baptist Library of Carthage Illinois   Early Baptist Church History

Kentuckiana Digital Library

Army Medical Department

Bible Records   This site puts family bible transcriptions & pictures on line for researchers to view 

All Counties in Indiana Local History & Genealogy

Online Collection at BYU   Genealogy Books from Brigham Young University- digital format you can look up and read on line. 

Wonderful Genealogy Web Site for Pendleton County Kentucky by Bonnie Snow, some local connections.
Pendleton County Kentucky   The search engine is back up on the Pendleton County Pages it is now the Pendleton County Historical Society site. 

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