Kosciusko County, Indiana
1850 Mortality Schedule

Presented here is a transcription of the 1850 Mortality Schedule of Kosciusko County, Indiana.

The Mortality Schedule was enumerated at the same time as the 1850 Federal Population Census by George Moon, Assistant U.S. Marshal. This schedule recorded all who died in Kosciusko County between 1 June 1849 to 1 June 1850.

The Mortality Schedules are valuable for a variety of reasons. You will find children on these schedules that are on no population census. They may have been born after the last census, but before this census. You might also find the names of family members that were elusive...the 1840 Census list only head of households, while the 1850 Cenus was the first census to list all family members. On this Mortality Schedule you will find family members that were not listed in 1840 and wouldn't be on the 1850 Population Census. Plus, you will find out more information about what the cause of death was and conditions in Kosciusko County at that time.

You must check every conceivable spelling of the surname you are searching for. Names were often spelled phonetically. This transcription notes each entry as it was recorded by the George Moon.

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