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Individual Page # Line # City/Township
YAGER, Anna M. 382a 18 Clay
YAGER, Barbara 382a 15 Clay
YAGER, Catharine M. 382a 17 Clay
YAGER, Geo. W. 382a 16 Clay
YAGER, Jacob 314a 22 Jefferson
YAGER, John 382a 14 Clay
YARNILL, Cath. 413a 39 Wayne
YARNILL, Elizth. 413a 38 Wayne
YARNILL, Nancy 413a 40 Wayne
YARNILL, Rachael 413a 37 Wayne
YATES, Dulselma 378a 19 Clay
YATES, George 378a 20 Clay
YATES, Henly 378a 24 Clay
YATES, Louisa 378a 21 Clay
YATES, Mary 378a 16 Clay
YATES, Mary E. 378a 23 Clay
YATES, Patrick 378a 22 Clay
YATES, Solomon 378a 18 Clay
YATES, Wm. 378a 17 Clay
YEARIAN, Adam 359b 33 Washington
YEARIAN, Barbara A. 359b 34 Washington
YETTER, Ann 346a 3 Plain
YETTER, Charles 343a 37 Plain
YETTER, Cyrus A. 346a 10 Plain
YETTER, Elizabeth 343a 38 Plain
YETTER, Elizabeth 343a 40 Plain
YETTER, George 343a 39 Plain
YETTER, George 346a 2 Plain
YETTER, John 346a 4 Plain
YETTER, Joseph 343b 2 Plain
YETTER, Joseph 346a 6 Plain
YETTER, Juliett M. 346a 7 Plain
YETTER, Louisa A. 346a 8 Plain
YETTER, Martha J. H. 346a 9 Plain
YETTER, Mary A. 346a 5 Plain
YETTER, Mary M. 343a 41 Plain
YETTER, Minerva 343a 42 Plain
YETTER, Sarah J. 343b 1 Plain
YOHN, Benj. 335a 8 Tippecanoe
YOHN, Margarit 333b 27 Tippecanoe
YOHN, Presley 333b 26 Tippecanoe
YOHN, Virginia 333b 28 Tippecanoe
YORK, Asa B. 365a 15 Jackson
YORK, Elizabeth 365a 14 Jackson
YORK, Lydia A. 365a 18 Jackson
YORK, Martha 365a 17 Jackson
YORK, Matilda 365a 13 Jackson
YORK, Thomas 365a 12 Jackson
YORK, Wm. 365a 16 Jackson
YOUNG, Amelia A. 338a 14 Tippecanoe
YOUNG, Catharine 336a 34 Tippecanoe
YOUNG, Catharine 336a 35 Tippecanoe
YOUNG, Charles 336a 36 Tippecanoe
YOUNG, Elizabeth 336a 37 Tippecanoe
YOUNG, Elizabeth S. 302b 32 Prairie
YOUNG, Elizth. 400b 25 Harrison
YOUNG, George 338a 16 Tippecanoe
YOUNG, Jacob M. 302b 30 Prairie
YOUNG, John 302b 26 Prairie
YOUNG, John J. 302b 28 Prairie
YOUNG, Lydia A. 400b 28 Harrison
YOUNG, Mahala J. 302b 31 Prairie
YOUNG, Malinda 302b 27 Prairie
YOUNG, Peter 336a 33 Tippecanoe
YOUNG, Phebe A. 302b 29 Prairie
YOUNG, Rebecca J. 400b 27 Harrison
YOUNG, Regina E. 338a 15 Tippecanoe
YOUNG, Sam'l K. 338a 13 Tippecanoe
YOUNG, Saml. 400b 26 Harrison
YOUNG, Stephen 302b 33 Prairie
YOUNG, Stephen 400b 24 Harrison
YOUNT, Isaiah 378a 10 Clay
YOUNT, John W. 378a 12 Clay
YOUNT, Joseph 378a 13 Clay
YOUNT, Lucinda 378a 9 Clay
YOUNT, Mary E. 378a 14 Clay
YOUNT, Sarah A. 378a 11 Clay
YOUNT, Sarah J. 378a 15 Clay
YOUNT, Susannah 378a 8 Clay
YOUNT, Wm. 378a 7 Clay
ZIMMERMAN, Aaron 371a 22 Jackson
ZIMMERMAN, Elizabeth 371a 25 Jackson
ZIMMERMAN, John 371a 23 Jackson
ZIMMERMAN, Lucinda 371a 32 Jackson
ZIMMERMAN, Mary 371a 24 Jackson
ZIMMERMAN, Nancy 371a 21 Jackson
ZIMMERMAN, Nathan 371a 20 Jackson
ZIMMERMAN, Nathan 371a 29 Jackson
ZIMMERMAN, Peter 371a 27 Jackson
ZIMMERMAN, Rachael A. 371a 31 Jackson
ZIMMERMAN, Rebecca 371a 30 Jackson
ZIMMERMAN, Sarah 371a 26 Jackson
ZIMMERMAN, Stephen 371a 28 Jackson

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