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Presented here is the 1870 US Census of Kosciusko County, Indiana transcribed by a team of dedicated Kosciusko County, Indiana researchers:  Gene Andert, Peggie Bacon-McDaniel, Linda Gasparini, Kathy Gavin, Dave Gorton, Jaira Hill, Sherry Holthe, Jane Monteith, Phil Ritter, Kay Stager, Denise Wilson, Mary Ann Wunder and Sue Zellers. This presentation of the Census was carefully transcribed and fully proofread from the National Archives Microfilm Publications - Microcopy No. 593, Population schedules of the Nineth Census of the United States 1870 Roll 332, Indiana, Volume 19 (280 - 458a) and Volume 20 (1 - 132a), Kosciusko County.

Everyname Index

Abb to Arm Arn to Ban Bar to Bee Bei to Blo Blu to Bra
Bre to Bun Bur to Car Cas to Cly Cob to Cra Cre to Day
Dea to Dro Dru to Etz Eva to Fis Fit to Fun Fur to Gol
Goo to Guy Hab to Hap Har to Haz Hea to Him Hin to Hor
Hos to Jaf Jag to Kau Kay to Kin Kir to Lat Lau to Lip
Lis to Mak Mal to McG McK to Mid Mil to Moc Moe to Myr
Nag to Osb Ost to Pes Pet to Pri Pro to Rho Ric to Rol
Rom to Sar Sat to Sha She to Sim Sin to Sne Sni to Ste
Sti to Son Sut to Tho Thr to Val Van to War Was to Whi
Wic to Woo Wor to Zpt      

Census by Township/City/Village

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The 1870 United States Federal Census for Kosciusko County, Indiana was enumerated by three Assistant U.S. Marshals - Joseph A. Kindig, who covered the northern portion of the County, E. S. Blackford, who enumerated the central portion of the County, and Thomas W. Piper, who handled the southern portion of the County. - between June 2nd, 1870 and September 28th, 1870.

You must check every conceivable spelling of the surname you are searching for. None of these Marshals were good spellers and oftentimes the handwriting was very difficult to read. Names were often spelled phonetically...such as Andrew Strieby of Turkey Creek Township, his surname was recorded by the U.S. Marshal as STREVY. In another case, the surname for the Abraham Ritter family in Plain Township was recorded as WRITTER. Mistakes were also made by the enumerators, in many cases the wrong gender is noted for a name that is clearly of the opposite gender, i.e. Martha recorded as "M". This presentation of the 1870 census notes each entry as it was recorded by the three census enumerators. If the transcriber believed an error was made by the enumerator there will be an entry in the last column, called "Remarks."

A clarification of each of the column headings can be found here.

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