Kosciusko County, Indiana

Index to Obituaries: 2000 - 2010

Aal to Bau Bax to Bou Bow to Coy Cas to Com
Cra to Dru Dub to Fla Fle to Gon Goo to Har
Has to Hol Hom to Jon Jor to Kro Kru to Loz
Luc to Men Mer to Mor Mos to Par Pas to Red
Ree to Rza Sab to Sho Shr to Sri Sro to Taz
Tee to Wal Wam to Wis Wit to Zyd

This is an Index to over 13,590 Obituaries that appeared in the Warsaw Times Union in the decade between 2000 through 2010. This database has been donated by Beth Miner, a lifelong Kosciusko County resident and former deputy in the auditor's office in the Kosciusko County Courthouse. Beth is willing to make copies of the obituaries from 2000 to 2010 for a minimal fee. Please email Beth with the name and date of the obituary you are interested in and your name and address.

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