Kosciusko County, Indiana

Index to Obituaries: 1953 - 1960

Abb to Bam Ban to Bid Bie to Bra Bre to Bur
Bus to Cin Cla to Cra Cre to Dem Den to Edw
Ega to Fid Fie to Gan Gar to Gre Gri to Ham
Han to Hel Hem to Hol Hom to Isl Jac to Kel
Ken to Kra Kre to Lei Lem to Lyt Mab to McE
McF to Mil Min to Mye Naf to Ool Opp to Pip
Pit to Ray Rea to Roh Rol to Sea Seb to Shu
Sic to Smy Sna to Sti Sto to Tho Thr to Van
Vas to Whe Whi to Wys Yar to Zor

This is an Index to 8,741 Obituaries that appeared in the Warsaw Times Union between 1953 through 1960. This database has been donated by Marge Priser and Beth Miner, a lifelong Kosciusko County resident and former deputy in the auditor's office in the Kosciusko County Courthouse. Some of these obituaries are in the form of abstracts, while others are the actual obituary. Beth is willing to provide copies of the obituaries or abstract for a minimal fee. Please email Beth with the name and date of the obituary you are interested in and your name and address.

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