Kosciusko County, Indiana

Index to Obituaries: 1988 - 1999

Abb to Ban Bar to Blo Blu to Bru Bry to Cha
Che to Coz Cra to Dim Din to Eva Eve to Fru
Fry to Gra Gre to Har Has to Hob Hoc to Igo
Ihn to Ker Kes to Kyr Lab to Lov Low to Mcg
Mch to Mil Min to New Ngu to Pay Pea to Ral
Ram to Rog Roh to Seg Sei to Sle Slo to Sta
Ste to Ten Ter to Wag Wah to Wid Wie to Yot
You to Zyk      

This is an Index to 14,119 Obituaries that appeared in the Warsaw Times Union between 1988 through 1999. This database has been donated by Beth Miner, a lifelong Kosciusko County resident and former deputy in the auditor's office in the Kosciusko County Courthouse. Beth is willing to make copies of the obituaries from 1990 to 1999 for a minimal fee. Please email Beth with the name and date of the obituary you are interested in and your name and address.

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