Kosciusko County, Indiana

Index to Pierceton Obituaries: 1921 - 1948 & 1966 - 1971

Abb to Bar Bas to Bog Boh to Bur Bus to Coh
Col to Cut Dac to Eag Eam to Fis Fit to Gem
Geo to Hah Hai to Hec Hed to Hoo Hop to Joh
Jon to Kle Kli to Leh Lei to Mat Mas to Mik
Mil to Nay Nea to Peq Per to Rap Rar to Rog
Roh to Sec See to Sme Smi to Sta Ste to Thw
Tib to Wap War to Win Wir to Zus

This is an Index to 13,695 Obituaries that appeared in the Pierceton Record from 1921-1948 and the Pierceton Press from 1966-1971. This database has been complied and donated by Beth Miner, a lifelong Kosciusko County resident and former deputy in the auditor's office in the Kosciusko County Courthouse. Copies of obituaries can be made by Sue Zellers for a nominal fee. Please email Sue with the name, death date and newspaper date of the obituary you are interested in and your name and address.

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