Kosciusko County
Original Tract Book

This is an everyname index to a transcript of the original land sales recorded within Kosciusko County, IN. Visit the Kosciusko Co Land Pages for further information on deciphering the legal description of land within Kosciusko County.

By Whom Entered Twp/Range
EARL, James 31_05
EBY, Jno 31_07
EBY, John 30_07
EBY, Samuel 30_07
EBY, Samuel 31_07
EDGAR, Andrew 34_06
EDGELL, Henry 34_06
EDMISTON, John 30_07
ENSIGN, Oran 33_05
ERVIN, Charles 34_06
ERVIN, John 33_05
ERVIN, John 34_06
ERWIN, John 33_06
ERWIN, William 33_06
EVANS, David 31_05
EVANS, Henry M. 31_06
EVANS, Samuel 30_06
EVERTS, Gustavus A. 32_06
EVERTS, Gustavus A. 34_06

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Created: 2 September 1998
Gene Andert / Fort Wayne, IN / gandert@mac.com