Kosciusko County, Indiana

Index to Divorces: 1908 - 1933

Ada to Bla Blo to Cla Cle to Dew Dic to For
Fos to Hal Ham to Hom Hoo to Ken Ker to Lew
Lig to Mcl McM to Nic Nig to Rap Rar to Sel
Sen to Sti Sto to Vor Wag to Zim  

This is an Index to 1,533 Divorces that occured in Kosciusko County, IN between 1908 through 1933. This database was compiled by Marge Priser, with thanks to Sharon Christner, Kosciusko County Clerk, her staff and Avis Gunter, former Kosciusko County Commissioner for the South District. Included in this index are the names of the Plaintiff and Defendant, the Divorce Date, Action Taken, Box Number and Case Number. The box number and case number refer to the location of the case files in the Kosciusko County Clerk's Office. At this time, you would need to visit the County Clerk's Office, with the information for the Case, to get more information on the Case.

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