Kosciusko Co, IN - Estate Inventories and Administrations Index
Name Book(s):Page(s)
LA, Fong George M. DD-E-66-75
LACEY, Laban A-243
LACEY, Laban AER1:130,159,263,364,411,512
LACEY, Laban AER3-308
LACKEY, Belle J. AER17:418
LACKEY, Clyde L. AER22:340
LACKEY, Clyde L. S-7039
LACKEY, Cora V. AER23:405
LACKEY, Cora V. U-7470
LACKEY, James M. AER17:136
LACKEY, James M. N-522
LADD, James M. EE-E-68-173
LAFF, Roscoe Lambert GG-E-72-146
LaFOLLETTE, Robert M. AER16:191,373
LaFOLLETTE, Robert M. N-72
LAIRD, Ethel Eva HH-E-73-60
LAIRD, John M. I-35
LAIRD, Nancy C. O-69
LAIRD, Nancy G. AER17:536
LAKE, John E. AER20:321
LAKE, John E. Q-16
LAMB, Eva J. AER21:485
LAMB, Eva J. Q-415
LAMBERT, Bessie Maud EE-E-70-12
LAMBERT, Ethel L. FF-E-70-84
LAMBERT, George W. AER20:30
LAMPRECHT, Paul P. AER19:538
LAND, Mary AER17:137
LANDEFELD, George F. O-67
LANDEFIELD, George G. AER17:237
LANDFELD, Eunice (Betts) AER16:283
LANDIS, Antoinette HH-E-73-126
LANDIS, Catherine AER11-63
LANDIS, Charles H. AER18:375
LANDIS, Ellen AER18:452
LANDIS, Ford AER11-117
LANDIS, Ford J-492
LANDIS, Franklin D-76
LANDIS, Howard E. HH-E-73-46
LANDIS, Jacob A-472
LANDIS, Jacob AER1:226,298
LANDIS, Joseph AER12-324
LANDIS, Joseph L-291
LANDIS, Katherine J-396
LANDIS, Lydia AER19:92
LANDIS, Lydia O-613
LANDIS, Millie AER17:540
LANDIS, Millie O-239
LANDIS, Noah AER17:468
LANE, Cable F. II-E-75-50
LANE, Salmon C-109
LANEY, Elizabeth AER5-22
Lang Furniture Store O-362
LANG, Della AER16:544
LANG, Mary O-72
LANGE, Della N-414
LANSBERRY, Leona M. 2AER1-8058
LANSBERRY, Leona Mable X-8058
LANSBURG, Sarah Jane L-450
LANTZ, Jacob J. AER16:296
LANTZ, Lucy AER17:13
LANTZ, Polly AER12-360,376
LANTZ, Polly L-66
LANTZ, Stella P. 2AER4-E66-42
LANTZ, Stella P. BB-E66-42
LARUE, Josephine N. AER16:211
LaRUE, Josephine N. N-283
LASH, Emma L. AER19:439
LASH, Emma L. P-244
LASH, Raymond P. CC-E67-30
LATHAM, Luella AER24:307
LATHAM, Luella U-7542
LATHROPE, Ellen AER18:195
LATHROPE, Henry C-156
LATHROPE, Hulda AER24:207
LATIMER, Lyndes L. FF-SE-71-1
LATIMER, Marion M. AER22:493
LATIMER, Marion M. Q-25
LATIMER, Norman N. H-60
LATIMER, Sophia AER10-474
LATSHAW, John F. AER4-378
LATSHAW, John F. E-371
LATTA, John Fred DD-E-68-81
LATTIMER, Sophia J-381
LAUGHLIN, Albert H. AER20:546
LAUGHLIN, Albert H. Q-3
LAUGHLIN, Blair R. DD-E-69-12
LAUGHLIN, Irene J. AER16:13
LAUGHLIN, Lewis AER12-126
LAUGHLIN, Lewis K-515
LAUGHLIN, Nellie Mann 2AER4-E65-63
LAUGHLIN, Nellie Mann AA-E65-63
LAUGHLIN, Viola Delia AER24:19
LAUGHLIN, William L. 2AER1-8180
LAUGHLIN, William L. X-8180
LAUGHTIN, Irene J. AER14:438
LAUNER Sr., Laura E. AER17:187,303
LAUNER, Charles J. AER13:245
LAUNER, Charles J. K-283
LAUNER, Laura E. 2AER3-8694
LAUNER, Laura E. AER16:349
LAUNER, Laura E. N-154
LAUNER, Laura E. Jr. AA-8694
LAURIEN, Eva M. AER20:371
LAURIEN, Eva M. P-600
LAURIEN, Ferdinand AER20:237
LAURIEN, Ferdinand P-498
LAWER, John W. AER14:306
LAWER, Rheuhannah AER12-493
Lawrence Spayde & Co. C-275
LAWRENCE, Eola A. AER19:561
LAWRENCE, Eola A. P-363
LAWRENCE, John H. G-165
LAWRENCE, John K. AER6-395
LAWRENCE, Martin E. P-404
LAWRENCE, Martin Edward AER20:20
LAWRENCE, Minnie AER25:465
LAWRENCE, Minnie P. W-7961
LAWYER, Phebe AER3-87
LEACH, Marie H. CC-E67-164
LEADER, Charles W. FF-SE-71-7
LEAF, Minnie Patton AER18:71
LEAK, Isaac Marshall AER9-316
LEAMONS, Carl L. Z-8553
LEAR, David T. AER20:331
LEAR, Theta E. AER20:333
LEATHERMAN, Conrad AER10-328
LEATHERMAN, Conrad J-171
LEATHERMAN, John AER1:103,146
LEATHERMAN, William K-430
LEATHERMAN, William E. AER12-41
LEAVELL, Mae 2AER3-8517
LEAVELL, Mae Y-8517
LEAZENBY, Catharine AER1:37
LEAZENBY, Catherine A-74A
LEAZENBY, Mary E. H-112
LECHRONE, Effie D. T-7235
LECHRONE, Erva Y-8379
LECHRONE, Irvin U-7456
LECHRONE, Isaac C-132
LECKRONE, Aletha 2AER3-8524
LECKRONE, Aletha Z-8524
LECKRONE, Effie D. AER24:138
LECKRONE, Emanuel AER12-552
LECKRONE, Emanuel L-64
LECKRONE, Erva 2AER2-8379
LECKRONE, Irvin AER23:399
LECKRONE, Milton E. AER21:249
LECKRONE, Samuel AER12-265
LECKRONE, Samuel L-98
LECKRONE, Simon P. AER12-362
LECKRONE, Simon P. L-48
LECKRONE, Solomon AER17:15
LECKRONE, Solomon N-524
LeCOUNT, Donald D. AER20:26
LeCOUNT, Gideon L. AER18:247
LeCOUNT, Gideon L. O-366
LeCOUNT, John M. AER19:455
LEE, Charlotte G-338
LEE, Clara E. CC-E66-196
LEE, Elizabeth L-257
LEE, Elizabeth Dysert AER12-485
LEE, James AER10-168
LEE, James W. J-70
LEE, John E. AER21:494
LEE, John E. Q-416
LEE, Laura AER21:654
LEE, Maria AER16:197
LEE, Maria N-149
LEE, Samuel A. AER3-249
LEE, Samuel A. AER4-30,272
LEE, Samuel A. D-119
LEE, Walter V-7696
LEECH, John M. H-485
LEEDY, Daniel W. AER24:117
LEEDY, Daniel W. V-7649
LEEDY, Edward B. E-30
LEEDY, Edwin B. AER3-551
LEEDY, Elias AER10-259
LEEDY, Ephraim AER11-393
LEEDY, Ephraim K-272
LEEDY, Esta AER20:140
LEEDY, Ira C. AER9-346,454,485
LEEDY, Ira C. I-487
LEEDY, Jacob J. AER11-477
LEEDY, John K. A-488
LEEDY, John K. AER1:236,471
LEEDY, Mary AER10-302
LEEDY, Mary J-156
LEEDY, Odessa II-SE-74-21
LEEDY, Rollo AER16:330
LEEDY, Samuel S. AER5-513
LEEDY, Tillie AER10-420
LEEDY, Tillie J-263
LEEPER, Solomon C. AER11-531
LEESE, Charles P. 2AER5-E65-181
LEESE, Hilda II-E-75-122
LEFEVER, Mary A. AER9-74
LEFFEL, Esther Wells L-108
LEFFEL, Henry AER17:451
LEFFEL, Henry AER18:352
LEFFEL, Henry N-288
LEFFEL, James M. DD-E-68-111
LEFFEL, Julia A. AER5-70
LEFFEL, Julia Ann F-148
LEFFEL, William AER3-503
LEFFEL, William AER4-155,314,526
LEFFEL, William AER5-72
LEFFEL, William D-523
LEFFELL, Henry AER16:304
LEHEW, Dessie AER23:6
LEHEW, Dessie T-7251
LEHEW, Rose Linda AER12-490
LeHEW, Rose Linda L-137
LEHMAN, Alonzo O. AER18:257
LEHMAN, Attie B. AER20:578
LEHMAN, Benjamin F. AER1:328
LEHMAN, Freda AER26:55
LEHMAN, Freda X-7914
LEHMAN, Herschel V. 2AER1-8218
LEHMAN, Herschell V. X-8218
LEHMAN, John AER16:206
LEHMAN, John N-69
LEHMAN, Ottie B. Q-94
LEHMAN, Robert 2AER2-8237
LEHMAN, Robert X-8237
LEHMAN, Susan AER20:144
LEHMAN, Susan P-476
LEIFER, Albert AER25:473
LEIFER, Albert X-8009
LEIFER, Anna AER21:417
LEIFER, Anna Q-366
LEIFER, Benjamin E. AER21:261
LEIFER, Benjamin E. Q-395
LEIFER, Elsie M. AER21:40
LEIFER, Elsie M. Q-135
LEIFER, Flora S. AER13:384
LEIFER, Flora S. L-5
LEIFER, Frederick H-143
LEIFER, Lola K. AER22:277
LEIFER, Lola K. S-7036
LEIFER, Nicholas AER11-79
LEIFER, Phoebe AER11-382
LEIFER, Phoebe K-131
LEIGHTY, Geo. W. J-131
LEIGHTY, George W. AER10-188
LEIGHTY, Samuel H-54
LEIGHTY, Samuel R. H-534
LEIGHTY, William Edward AER18:357
LEIGHTY, William Edward O-356
LEININGER, Bernice AER25:529
LEININGER, Bernice E. 2AER1-7976
LEININGER, Bernice E. W-7976
LEININGER, Bertha Drudge AER23:431
LEININGER, Bertha Drudge U-7471
LEININGER, Elias AER15:586
LEININGER, Elmer T-7257
LEININGER, Myrtle L. DD-E-68-26
LEITER, Charles II-E-75-143
LEITER, Elizabeth AER19:89
LEITER, Elmer E. AER12-528,482
LEITER, Elmer E. L-151
LEITER, Herschel AER22:80
LEITER, Herschel E. 2AER4-8741
LEITER, Herschel E. AA-8741
LEITER, Jacob H-290
LEITER, John AER9-24
LEITER, John I-153
LEITER, Joseph FF-E-71-93
LEITER, Lura U-7461
LEITER, Philip AER23:299
LEITER, Philip T-7355
LEITER, Stella A. O-286
LEITER, Tura AER23:504
LEITER, William S. AER9-399
LEITER, William S. I-65
LEITER, Winifred Depuy Q-72
LEITER, Winifred Dupuy AER21:237
LEKRONE, Mary AER14:209
LEKRONE, Milton E. AER20:403
LEMERT, Grace Olive AER22:226
LEMERT, Grace Olive S-6869
LEMLER, James Clifford HH-SE-73-41
LEMLER, Lester L. AER24:547
LEMLER, Lester L. V-7634
LEMLER, Lucie May V-7753
LEMLER, Luticia May AER25:37
LEMLER, William E. AER25:365
LEMLER, William H. AER25:30
LEMLER, Wm. E. W-7881
LEMLER, Wm. H. V-7660
LEMMON, Milaney AER9-504
LENTZ, Emily CC-E66-102
LENTZ, Moses F. AER16:450
LENTZY, Lucinda AER9-119
LEONARD, Addie 2AER1-7061
LEONARD, Addie AER24:519
LEONARD, Addie S-7061
LEONARD, Adeline 2AER1-8463
LEONARD, Adeline 2AER2-8463
LEONARD, Adeline Y-8463
LEONARD, Albert F. AER12-56
LEONARD, Albert S. K-450
LEONARD, Bernard & Pearl AER20:216
LEONARD, C. Leroy AER21:649
LEONARD, C. Leroy Q-573
LEONARD, Gertrude M. AER14:289
LEONARD, Thomas AER10-106,252,533
LEONARD, Thomas AER11-208,325,451
LEONARD, Thomas AER13:271
LEONARD, Thomas AER14:187
LEONARD, Thos. J-187
LESH, Eva Marie FF-E-70-100
LESH, Herman F. AER21:143
LESH, Herman F. Q-242
LESLIE, Frank W. AER22:267
LESSE, Charles P. BB-E65-181
LESSIG, David H. AER9-370
LESSIG, David H. I-325
LESSIG, Mary E. AER11-58
LESSIG, Mary E. J-445
LESTER, Stella A. AER18:47
LEVERING, Samuel C-138
LEVIN, Rosa II-SE-74-40
LEVIN, Rosa II-SE-74-40
LEWALLEN, Charles E. 2AER5-8131
LEWALLEN, Clarence X-8131
LEWALLEN, David AER16:81
LEWALLEN, David N-110
LEWALLEN, Elizabeth AER16:83
LEWALLEN, Elizabeth N-111
LEWALLEN, Harry E. GG-E-71-76
LEWALLEN, Myrtle A. GG-E-72-98
LEWIS, Elizabeth W. AER18:283
LEWIS, Elizabeth W. O-400
LEWIS, Homer F. AER16:154
LICHTENWALTER, Elizabeth AER12-101
LIGHTCAP, Effie AER16:204
LIGHTCAP, Effie N-207
LIGHTFOOT, George A. AER11-163
LIGHTFOOT, George A. K-103
LIGHTFOOT, Hulda E. AER10-427
LIGHTFOOT, Hulda E. J-353
LIGHTFOOT, James W. AER11-236,534
LIGHTFOOT, James W. K-58
LIGHTFOOT, Wash AER1:49,282
LIGHTFOOT, Washington A-67
LIKENS, Ancel Marion AER21:55
LIKENS, Ancel Marion P-601
LINAM, Mary E. AER9-285
LINCOLN, Clara Davidson V-7653
LINCOLN, Clara Davison 2AER1-7653
LINDAMOOD, Noah D-204,213
LINDSAY, Carl Jack II-SE-75-6
LINDZY, Cecil Dane HH-E-73-7
LINDZY, Charles W. AER11-453
LINDZY, Charles W. K-294
LINE, Carrie AER22:312
LINE, Carrie S-7109
LINE, Thomas AER1:516
LINGOFELTER, Sarah E. S-6926
LINN, Eliza A. N-363
LINN, Eliza E. AER16:328
LINN, Henry AER16:242
LINN, Henry N-187
LINN, John AER18:44
LINN, John O-284
LINN, Miner AER19:542
LINN, Miner P-364
LINN, Samuel G-351
LINN, Seneca AER12-98
LINN, Seneca K-466
LINN, Thomas H-149
LINN, Virgil Ray AER22:548
LINN, Virgil Ray S-7179
LINN, Wilden M. AER9-483
LINN, Wilden M. I-327
LINN, William AER18:72
LINN, William O-297
LINN, William V. AER12-156
LINN, William V. K-533
LINT, Benjamin AER9-387
LINT, Benjamin I-402
LINT, Teresa Marie 2AER1-8435
LINT, Teresa Marie Y-8435
LIPPINCOTT, Joseph A. AER10-380
LIPPINCOTT, Joseph A. J-270
LIPPLY, Maurice J-563
LIPPLY, Morris B. AER11-183
LIPPS, Jacob G-151
LIPPS, James P. AER11-310
LISOR, Clem F. AER25:304
LISOR, Hazel L. S-7115
LITTLE, Blanch N. AER25:486
LITTLE, Blanche M. V-7798
LITTLE, Clark I-81
LITTLE, Emery E. AER25:383
LITTLE, Emery E. V-7754
LITTLE, Erastus G-486
LITTLE, Luella AER12-519
LITTLE, Luella Mccarter AER13:451
LITTLE, Luella Mccarter L-342
LITTLE, Mandane AER9-456
LITTLE, Mandane I-419
LITTLE, Mary E. AER16:602
LITTLE, William J. AER10-220
LITTLE, William T. J-143
LIVINGSTON, Theodora J-109
LLOYD, Dessie M. AER18:449
LLOYD, Dessie M. AER19:208
LLOYD, Dessie M. O-590
LLOYD, Franklin T. AER18:594
LLOYD, Franklin T. O-583
LLOYD, John M. AER11-299
LLOYD, Viola May AER26:56
LLOYD, Viola May W-7988
LOCK, Samuel AER4-244,420
LOCK, Samuel E-224
LOCKE, Milton S. AER11-580
LOCKE, Milton S. K-239
LOCKE, Pearl C. DD-E-68-168
LOCKE, Relva Mae DD-E-68-195
LOCKHART, Catherine Rosella AER16:449
LOCKWOOD, Horatio H. AER12-387
LOEHR, Elizabeth AER11-99
LOEHR, Elizabeth K-113
LOEHR, Elsie Fay AER19:445
LOEHR, Harriet J. AER9-319,340
LOEHR, Harriet J. I-257
LOEHR, Rena E. O-337
LOEHR, Zilpah A. AER10-203,368
LOEHR, Zilpah A. J-220
LOGAN, Andrew J. AER15:335
LOGAN, Andrew J. N-83
LOGAN, Frank BB-E66-125
LOGAN, Lyvilia A. AER17:298
LOGAN, Mary E. FF-SE-71-15
LOGAN, Smith M. C-457
LOGAN, Syvilia O-88
LOGAN, Virginia Lu FF-E-71-70
LOGMIN, Alexander DD-E-69-5
LOHER, Elsie Fay P-378
LOHER, Mattie HH-E-73-30
LOHER, William H. AER12-448
LOHER, William H. L-117
LONES, Jennie AER15:465
LONES, Jerome H. AER10-566
LONEY, Elizabeth F-48
LONG, Abraham AER4-332,484
LONG, Abraham E-308
LONG, Amos G-479
LONG, Arnold E. HH-E-73-53
LONG, Ato A 2AER3-8601
LONG, August AER21:290
LONG, August P-507
LONG, Benjamin AER24:283
LONG, Benjamin V-7686
LONG, Bessie AER11-509
LONG, Catharine I-142
LONG, Charles J. AER21:292
LONG, Charles J. Q-21
LONG, Cyrus AER15:243
LONG, Elisha AER5-224,516
LONG, Elisha F-173
LONG, Eliza Ann H-259
LONG, Emma AER13:324
LONG, Emma L-363
LONG, Emor W. AER20:569
LONG, Emor W. Q-125
LONG, Esther A. DD-E-68-188
LONG, Frank A. 2AER3-8453
LONG, Frank A. Y-8453
LONG, Frank Wilmer 2AER2-8375
LONG, Frank Wilmer Y-8375
LONG, Frederick C-164
LONG, George AER21:588
LONG, George Q-503
LONG, Helen M. AER24:267
LONG, Helen M. U-7535
LONG, J. Frank AER10-268
LONG, J. Frank AER10-38
LONG, Jacob J. AER15:502
LONG, Jacob J. N-180
LONG, James DD-E-68-30
LONG, James T. AER11-343
LONG, James T. K-204
LONG, Jennie EE-SE-69-32
LONG, Joel AER1:126,186
LONG, Joel AER5-122,363,458
LONG, Joel F-63
LONG, Joel L. AER11-232
LONG, Joel L. K-37
LONG, Joel W. AER3-209,581
LONG, Joel W. AER5-518
LONG, Joel W. C-497,503
LONG, Lena II-E-74-19
LONG, Lucinda M. AER21:567
LONG, Lucinda M. Q-422,565
LONG, Mae R. BB-E65-61
LONG, Martin AER18:441
LONG, Martin O-434
LONG, Mary E. AER12-489
LONG, Mary E. AER19:16
LONG, Mary E. K-550
LONG, Mary E. P-30
LONG, Mary J. AER9-357
LONG, Mary J. I-406
LONG, Ota A. Z-8601
LONG, Robert B. H-491
LONG, Rosa V. 2AER2-8309
LONG, Rosa V. Y-8309
LONG, Sarah E. 2AER3-6948
LONG, Sarah E. AER22:129
LONG, Sarah E. AER24:238
LONG, Sarah E. AER25:207
LONG, Sarah E. R-61
LONG, Semaramis C. L-47
LONG, Semeramis C. AER12-168
LONG, Sylvia H. AER16:33
LONG, Sylvia H. M-447
LONG, Winnie M. AER18:444
LONGACRE, Clell AER18:16
LONGACRE, Elizabeth S-7048
LONGACRE, Elizabeth C. AER25:194
LONGBRAKE, Americous V. 2AER4-E65-74
LONGBRAKE, Americous V. AA-E65-74
LONGBRAKE, Moses R. AER10-64,183
LONGBRAKE, Moses R. I-566
LONGFELLOW, Claude C. II-E-74-61
LONGFELLOW, Electa AER22:385
LONGFELLOW, Homer AER15:598,231
LONGFELLOW, Howard C. AER18:529
LONGFELLOW, Lizzie B. AER23:42
LONGFELLOW, Lizzie B. T-7299
LONGNECKER, Catherine H-106
Longs Furniture AER19:48
LOOSE, Ralph W. 2AER5-E66-15
LOOSE, Ralph W. CC-E66-154
LOSEE, Charles AER25:412
LOSEE, Charles S-6779
LOSEE, Ethel G. 2AER2-8177
LOSEE, Ethel G. X-8177
LOSEE, George GG-E-72-7
LOSEE, James R. AER10-305
LOSEE, James R. J-152
LOSEE, Schuler BB-E66-40
LOSURE, Amariah AER12-327
LOSURE, Amariah L-152
LOSURE, Darcas F-489
LOSURE, Dorcas AER5-521
LOSURE, William L. AER13:380
LOTZ, Elvah M. AER23:206
LOTZ, Elvah M. T-7349
LOVE, Sarah E. AER14:421
LOVE, Sarah E. M-359
LOVEDAY, Blanche E. AA-E65-72
LOVEDAY, Catherine Flora 2AER5-E66-63
LOVEDAY, Catherine Flora BB-E66-63
LOVEDAY, George D. 2AER4-8706
LOVEDAY, George D. AA-8706
LOWE, Benjamin AER12-31
LOWE, Benjamin K-345
LOWE, George B. II-E-75-8
LOWE, Myrtle AER23:264
LOWE, Myrtle F. S-6669
LOWE, Neil AER12-476
LOWER, Allen V. 2AER5-5998
LOWER, Allen V. AER19:273
LOWER, Allen V. AER24:319
LOWER, Allen V. P-196
LOWER, Edna U-7407
LOWER, Edna G. AER23:309
LOWERY, Horace B. AER26:151
LOWERY, Horace B. V-7734
LOWERY, Myrtle P. BB-E65-121
LOWES, Jennie N-100
LOWMAN, Emma C. AER11-104
LOWMAN, Emma C. J-359
LOWMAN, Henry Clayton AER18:29
LOWMAN, Martin AER1:44
LOWMAN, Priscilla A-213
LOWMAN, Sarah Edith AER26:134
LOWMAN, Sarah Edith W-7966
LOWRY, Jr. Cecil HH-E-73-62
LOY, Laura D. 2AER3-E65-29
LOY, Laura D. 2AER4-E65-29
LOZIER, Lawrence AER21:307
LOZIER, Lawrence H. Q-318
LUCAS, Homer A. AER21:255
LUCAS, Homer A. Q-320
LUCAS, James D. P-159
LUCAS, Jane D. AER19:146
LUCAS, Mary Clymer II-E-74-98
LUCE, Samuel A-561
LUCE, Samuel AER1:242,485
LUCIER, R. F. 2AER1-7912
LUCIER, Ralph F. W-7912
LUCIER, Ruby DD-E-67-151
LUDWIG, Nelson G. HH-SE-73-52
LUNG, Emma N. AER25:185
LUNG, Preston AA-8710
LUNG, Ralph H. AER18:537
LUNG, Ralph H. O-528
LUNG, Stephen D. AER17:296
LUNG, Stephen D. O-61
LUTES, Charles H. AER22:63
LUTES, Charles H. R-11
LUTES, Clifford M. S-6136
LUTES, Jane AER3-85
LUTES, Jane D-166
LUTES, Laura L. AER26:224
LUTES, Laura L. W-7977
LUTES, Maggie AER16:2
LUTES, Mary C. AER4-593
LUTES, Mary C. E-570
LUTES, Mathias W. AER10-223
LUTES, Mathias W. J-151
LUTES, Mearlin S. AER25:101
LUTES, William AER3-148,539
LUTZ, Magdalena AER14:32
LYNCH, Anna AER10-42
LYON, Bessie E. 2AER5-8594
LYON, Bessie E. BB-8594
LYON, Bessie E. Z-8594
LYON, Elizabeth M. AER22:334
LYON, Frank AER14:473
LYON, Frank M-386
LYON, Oliver L. AER10-462
LYON, Oliver L. J-324
LYONS, Forrest O. HH-SE-73-14
LYONS, James H. AER14:569
LYONS, James H. M-378
LYTAL, Susannah A-575
LYTAL, Susannah AER1:351,468
LYTLE, Herbert AER15:551
LYTLE, Herbert H. M-469
LYTLE, Josephine AER15:431
LYTLE, Josephine AER16:42
LYTLE, Josephine M-471
LYTLE, Josephine N-224

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