Kosciusko Co, IN - Estate Inventories and Administrations Index
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MINDELINE, Phebe K-440
MINDLINE, Elizabeth AER17:265
MINDLINE, Elizabeth O-36
MINDLINE, George AER3-185
MINDLINE, George D-288
MINDLINE, Phebe AER12-62
MINEAR, Albert Martin AER11-480
MINEAR, Irwin W. U-7488
MINEAR, Isaac & Sally AER9-99
MINEAR, Isaac Solomon AER21:96
MINEAR, Isaac Solomon Q-205
MINEAR, Sallie D. I-169
MINEAR, Sally D. AER9-15
MINEAR, Ulla V. GG-E-71-119
MINER, Albert D. II-E-75-110
MINER, William H. AER23:53
MINER, William N. S-5502
MINNICH, Isabel R. G-380
MINTURN, William O. H-225
MINZIE, Lydia AER9-284
MINZIE, William F. C-340
MISENER, Frank AER23:236
MISENER, Frank T-7360
MISENER, Jasper R. AER4-522
MISENER, Jasper R. E-1
MISENER, Matilda AER13:238
MISENER, Matilda L-494
MISHLER, Daniel AER19:376
MISHLER, Daniel O-303
MISHLER, David G-496
MISHLER, Edna AER26:238
MISHLER, Mabel 2AER2-8282
MISHLER, Mabel Y-8282
MISHLER, Moses V. AER11-93
MISHLER, Moses V. J-434
MISHLER, Moses V. K-79
MISHLER, William W. AER12-217
MISHLER, William W. K-114
MITCHELL, Elizabeth AER18:308
MITCHELL, Henry I. AER5-435
MITCHELL, Henry I. AER6-217
MITCHELL, Henry I. F-528
MITCHELL, Isaac M. AER19:399
MITTERLING, Elizabeth AER3-15
MITTERLING, Goldie V. AER22:78
MITTERLING, Goldie V. Q-382
MITTERLING, Joseph P. N-141
MITTERLING, Michael I-136
MITTERLING, Samuel L-316
MITTERLING, Samuel B. AER15:294
MOCK, Cornelia AA-E65-73
MOCK, Daniel C. AER22:265
MOCK, Daniel C. S-7095
MOCK, David H-247
MOCK, Dill AER25:183
MOCK, Dill S-7098
MOCK, Elmer AER21:167
MOCK, Elmer Q-330
MOCK, Emanuel AER15:193
MOCK, Emanuel M-453
MOCK, Harmenia AER11-499
MOCK, Harmenia K-451
MOCK, Jacob AER11-327
MOCK, Jacob AER5-362
MOCK, Jacob K-173
MOCK, Jacob B. AER3-393
MOCK, Jacob Sr. E-210
MOCK, James R. AER24:563
MOCK, James R. S-6290
MOCK, John AER1:568
MOCK, John AER3-528
MOCK, John A. AER13:213
MOCK, John A. K-519
MOCK, Joseph H-542
MOCK, Joseph K. K-453
MOCK, Joseph M. AER12-64
MOCK, Levi AER20:363
MOCK, Lina O-501
MOCK, Linn AER18:358
MOCK, Lydia AER11-386
MOCK, Lydia K-290
MOCK, Mary AER3-301
MOCK, Mary D-218
MOCK, Michael A-301,356
MOCK, Noah J. AER18:349
MOCK, Noah J. O-425
MOCK, Otto E. HH-E-74-20
MOCK, Perry E. AER14:46
MOCK, Phyllis A. II-SE-74-76
MOCK, Reuben N-555
MOCK, Reuben J. AER17:62
MOCK, William H. AER21:226
MOCK, William H. Q-196
MODICA, Elizabeth Jerome AER25:55
MODICA, Elizabeth Jerome S-7054
MOE, Emma M. AER19:246
MOE, Emma M. P-259
MOHN, Samuel H. X-8038
MOLEBASH, Jesse H. II-E-74-91
MOLIER, Lydia J. AER9-290
MOLIER, Lydia J. I-255
MOLLENHOUR, Annabelle AER13:296
MOLLENHOUR, Annabelle L-247
MOLLENHOUR, Cleo L. HH-E-73-69
MOLLENHOUR, Elizabeth H-456
MOLLENHOUR, Miner H. AER22:421
MOLLENHOUR, Miner H. S-7073
MOLLENHOUR, Nettie R. AER22:152
MOLLENHOUR, Nettie R. S-6983
MONSON, Alpharetta AER10-564
MONSON, Alpharetta J-21
MONSON, Katharine J-13
MONSON, Katherine AER10-130
MONTEL, Charles AER13:21
MONTEL, Franklin L. AER25:361
MONTEL, Franklin L. W-7917
MONTEL, John S. AER18:49
MONTEL, Magdalene AER6-412
MONTEL, Magdaline G-195
MONTEL, Oznila V-7751
MONTEL, Oznola V. AER25:451
MONTEL, Ralph AER23:409
MONTEL, Ralph T-7221
MONTEL, Ruth Q-157
MONTEL, Samuel AER18:158
MONTEL, Samuel O-243
MONTGOMERY, James C. A-126
MOODY, John F. AER18:574
MOON, Alice B. AER14:597
MOON, Alice B. M-175
MOON, Eda A. P-185
MOON, Edward AER5-91
MOON, Edward F-88, 112
MOON, George H-104
MOON, Ida A. AER19:293
MOON, John A. AER13:365
MOON, Victoria Beck AER14:156
MOON, Victoria Beck L-390
MOON, William B. AER13:386
MOON, William N. K-468
MOORE, Albert AER12-93
MOORE, Albert K-355
MOORE, Bessie B. 2AER2-8222
MOORE, Bessie B. X-8222
MOORE, Catherine BB-E67-90
MOORE, Catherine CC-E67-90
MOORE, Gerald D. AER25:102
MOORE, Howard A. AER20:169
MOORE, Howard A. P-554
MOORE, John AER3-525
MOORE, John C-227
MOORE, Joseph P. AER9-226
MOORE, Joseph P. I-350
MOORE, Lewis T. H-317
MOORE, Louie D. 2AER4-8552
MOORE, Mary Ann Slaybaugh AER10-77
MOORE, Mary Ann Slaybaugh I-326
MOORE, Steven H. A-94
MOORE, Thomas AER5-462
MOORE, William AER11-442
MOORE, William AER3-338
MOORE, William H-501
MOORE, William K-291
MOORE, William E. AER18:446
MOORE, William E. AER19:222
MOORE, William E. O-263
MOORE, William I. AER17:553
MOORE, William I. O-161
MOORE, William T. AER3-553
MOORE, William T. D-544
MORAN, Charles Fred AER12-437
MORAN, Mary Frances AER17:312
MORAN, Mary Frances AER20:167
MORAN, Mary Frances O-28
MORBY, John T. AER17:391
MORBY, John T. O-165
MORE, John F. AER16:417
MORE, John F. N-355
MORE, William A. Jr. H-419
MOREHART, Alta B. AER20:475
MOREHART, Alta B. P-498
MOREHEAD, Allen AER10-32,89
MOREHEAD, Allen I-482
MOREHEAD, Elizabeth AER20:91
MOREHEAD, Elizabeth P-393
MOREHEAD, Franklin AER11-431
MOREHEAD, Franlin K-218
MOREHEAD, Joseph AER13:352
MOREHEAD, Joseph L-360
MOREHEAD, Stanley R-5
MOREHEAD, Stanley A. AER21:621
MORGAN, Catharine D-34
MORGAN, Floyd H. 2AER5-E66-156
MORGAN, Floyd H. CC-E66-156
MORGAN, Griffith A-300
MORGAN, Harry AER21:516
MORGAN, Harry Q-462
MORGAN, John A-559
MORGAN, John AER1:303
MORGAN, Mary A-466
MORGAN, Mary AER1:212
MORGAN, Mary Frances AER18:287
MORGAN, Mary Myrtle II-E-75-89
MORGAN, Robert E. GG-E-71-131
MORGAN, William H. AER15:210
MORGANTHALER, Cocheita P. BB-8702
MORGANTHALER, Joseph Cornell DD-E-68-136
MORGANTHALLER, Concheita P. AA-8702
MORISON, Cemer BB-E66-55
MORITZ, Effie M. AER21:197
MORITZ, Effie M. Q-350
MORO, Emma AER21:524
MORRETT, Clarence Q-555
MORRETT, Clarence L. AER21:608
MORRETT, Max M. AER10-553
MORRETT, Orpha AER17:310
MORRETT, Orpha O-130
MORRETT, Samuel AER11-521
MORRETT, Samuel K-414
MORRIS, Alice AER19:503
MORRIS, Arthur J. DD-E-68-65
MORRIS, Benton Q. AER10-322
MORRIS, Benton Q. J-244
MORRIS, Beven C-170
MORRIS, Chester 2AER1-8093
MORRIS, Chester X-8093
MORRIS, Mary M. AER18:106
MORRIS, Mary M. AER19:392
MORRIS, Mary M. AER20:364
MORRIS, Mary M. AER21:381
MORRIS, Mary M. AER22:397
MORRIS, Mary M. Trust 2AER3-5273
MORRIS, Mary Mcclintic O-206,207
MORRIS, Rachel P. AER9-321
MORRIS, Vada Sloan AER19:373
MORRIS, Vada Sloan P-253
MORRISON, Charles E. AER22:372
MORRISON, Donald AER12-361
MORRISON, Edith J-44
MORRISON, Elizabeth AER10-482
MORRISON, Elizabeth J. J-258
MORRISON, Elma M. AER20:328
MORRISON, Elma M. P-579
MORRISON, Rose AER20:301
MORRISON, Rose P-465
MORRISSON, Edith AER10-97,233
MORT, Jacob AER15:402
MORT, Jacob H. M-499
MORT, John AER22:110
MORT, John Q-388
MORT, Loretta 2AER4-E65-187
MORT, Loretta BB-E65-187
MORT, William 2AER3-8236
MORT, William X-8236
MORTIMOR, David A-386
MORTON, Robert C. 2AER4-8510
MORTON, Robert C. HH-E-73-23
MORTON, Robert C. Jr. Z-8510
MOSER, Elizabeth Nancy AER16:494
MOSER, Gabriel AER12-447
MOSER, Gabriel L-228
MOSHER, Chester Y-8411
MOSHER, Chester A. 2AER2-8411
MOSHER, Chester A. 2AER3-8411
MOSHER, Erma Ray Q-120
MOSHER, Erma Roy AER21:63
MOSHER, Michael Kent 2AER4-E65-151
MOSHER, Michael Kent BB-E65-151
MOSIER, Allie N. GG-E-72-3
MOSIER, George R. DD-E-67-158
MOSIER, Harry C. 2AER4-E65-56
MOSIER, Harry C. BB-E65-56
MOSS, Joe X-8109
MOSS, Maggie AER25:93
MOTT, Eugene Jackie AER22:526
MOTTO, Lulu B. AER23:373
MOTTO, Lulu B. U-7454
MOW, Ida Stella 2AER5-E65-156
MOW, Ida Stella BB-E65-156
MOWERER, William B. AER10-442
MROZ, Edward A. AER22:99
MROZ, Edward A. R-56
MUIDLINE, John F-235
MULL, George A-320
MULLEN, Ralph L. DD-E-68-90
MULLEN, Zelma HH-SE-72-16
MULLENHOUR, Lyman L. AER18:435
MULLENHOUR, Lyman L. O-391
MULLER, John AER10-497,373
MULLER, Solomon AER11-106
MULLET, Benedict D. 2AER4-8647
MULLET, Benedict D. Z-8647
MULLIN, Mary C. EE-E-68-190
MUMAW, Alta May AER9-73
MUMAW, Celestia I. CC-E67-40
MUMAW, Clark W. AER25:442
MUMAW, Clark W. X-8011
MUMAW, Gertrude A. CC-E67-24
MUMAW, Percy AER13:33
MUMAW, Percy M. L-266
MUNSON, Charles A-278
MUNSON, Charles AER1:137
MUNSON, Charles A. HH-E-72-44
MUNSON, Cleve F. AER20:247
MUNSON, Clever Q-15
MUNSON, Elizabeth J. AER10-3
MUNSON, Elizabeth J. J-61
MUNSON, Gael D. Sr. Q-457
MUNSON, Gail D. AER21:531
MUNSON, Hannah M. AER11-187
MUNSON, Hannah M. J-543
MUNSON, James W. AER9-358
MUNSON, James W. I-378
MUNSON, Norah A. AER21:411
MUNSON, William AER18:237
MUNSON, William O-370
MURDOCK, Isabell K-107
MURDOCK, Isabelle AER11-325
MURPHY, Clyde O. 2AER2-8486
Murphy, College AER24:531
MURPHY, Dessie Mae AER19:515
MURPHY, Elizabeth A. AER16:359
MURPHY, Elsie Ella II-E-75-7
MURPHY, Harold Oliver AER26:8
MURPHY, Harold Oliver W-7957
MURPHY, Lillian I. P-566
MURPHY, Lillian S. AER20:531
MURPHY, Robert C. G-401,408
MURPHY, Samuel C. AER23:248
MURPHY, Samuel C. P-86
MURPHY, Sarah L-261
MURPHY, Sarah A. AER20:4
MURPHY, Sarah A. P-431
MURPHY, William H. DD-E-68-75
MURRAY, Charlotte AER6-463
MURRAY, George AER6-280
MURRAY, Mae L.` II-SE-75-63
MURRPHY, Clyde O. Y-8486
MURRY, Charlotte G-153
MURRY, George G-205
MURRY, Thomas H. A-564
MUSSELMAN, Cyrus AER11-335
MUSSELMAN, Cyrus K-118
MUSSER, Caroline K-378
MUSSER, Eldon CC-E66-148
MUSSER, Eldon D. BB-E66-148
MUSSER, Mary AER3-156
MUSSER, Mary Caroline AER11-441
MUTTEN, John J-361
MYERLY, Everett AER26:126
MYERLY, Everett W-7992
MYERS, Anna AER14:566
MYERS, Carlin AER16:531,553
MYERS, Curtis A. DD-E-68-59
MYERS, Frederick H-260
MYERS, George 2Nd O-494
MYERS, George Iind AER19:221
MYERS, Henry HH-E-73-113
MYERS, Ida AER19:109
MYERS, Ida P-143
MYERS, James W. AER15:518
MYERS, James W. N-139
MYERS, Laura A. AER12-306
MYERS, Laura A. L-118
MYERS, Lester E. HH-E-74-43
MYERS, Lester E. II-E-74-43
MYERS, Lettie AER5-492
MYERS, Lettie F-193
MYERS, Marie R. 2AER4-E65-16
MYERS, Marie R. AA-E65-16
MYERS, Marion F. G-475
MYERS, Michael A-466
MYGRANT, Marvey G. 2AER3-8507
MYGRANT, Marvey G. Y-8507

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