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Raa to Rob
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RAABE, Arthur W. Y-8390
RABBIT, Nicholas W. AER12-496
RABBIT, Nicholas W. L-173
RADCLIFF, Clarence O-262
RADCLIFF, Henry F. AER10-296
RADCLIFF, Henry F. J-180
RADCLIFF, Mary B. AER18:472
RAE, Andrew J. L-314
RAFTER, Clara L. 2AER5-8687
RAFTER, Clara Louise Z-8687
RAFTER, James AER19:113
RAFTER, James O-329
RAFTER, John AER3-37,508
RAFTER, John Sr. D-157
RAGER, Harley P. AER25:525
RAGER, Harley P. W-7972
RAGER, Hazel W. II-SE-74-41
RAGER, Susan AER10-255
RAKER, Charles E. J-401
RAKER, Charles W. AER14:547
RAKER, Charles W. AER15:132
RAKER, Charles W. K-552
RALSTON, David AER5-549
RALSTON, George W. AER16:604
RALSTON, George W. N-583
RAMSEY, Albert G-192
RAMSEY, Albert R. AER25:508
RAMSEY, Albert R. W-7991
RAMSEY, Dorothy M. AER24:264
RAMSEY, Dorothy M. S-6967
RAMSEY, Eldora AER6-225,229
RAMSEY, Eldora F-429
RAMSEY, Silvia A. AER19:474
RANDALL, Catherine AER3-310
RANDALL, Harry Sommerson DD-E-68-114
RANDALL, Rosa AER10-26
RANDALL, Rose A. I-548
RANK, George A. AER9-410
RANK, Joseph O. AER9-424
RANK, Joseph O. I-410
RANKER, Charles AER10-479
RANKIN, Caroline AER24:418
RANKIN, Hamilton AER5-115,254
RANKIN, Hamilton F-189
RANKIN, John A-449
RANKIN, John AER3-129
RANKIN, Maria J. AER5-28
RANKIN, Orlando AER3-259,563
RANKIN, Orlando AER4-325
RANKIN, Orlando AER6-443-445
RANKIN, Orlando D-309
RANKIN, Sarah A. AER10-201
RANKIN, Sarah A. J-138
RANKIN, Susan AER5-309
RANKINS, Caroline O-578
RANSBOTTOM, Melvin W-7861
RANSBOTTOM, Murel D. EE-E-66-91
RANSEY, Albert AER6-327
RANSTEAD, Forrest J. AER25:165
RANSTEND, Forrest J. V-7767
RANTZ, Charles E. AER9-157
RANTZ, Charles E. I-209
RAPP, Annie AER21:51
RAPP, Annie Q-184
RAPP, Elias C-86
RAPP, Eva A. AER11-267
RAPP, Eva A. K-200
RAPP, Hacob AER10-552
RAPP, Harvey A. AER11-248
RAPP, Jacob AER11-4
RAPP, Jacob J-479
RAPP, Jonathan J. K-407
RAPP, Jonathon J. AER11-562
RAPP, William A. AER21:313
RAPP, William A. Q-63
RARDIN, Laura M. 2AER2-8369
RARDIN, Luara M. Y-8369
RARICK, Andrew AER4-122
RARICK, Andrew AER5-325
RARICK, Andrew E-112
RARICK, Priscilla AER12-355
RARICK, Priscilla K-569
RARIG, Stella AER25:303
RARIG, William W-7811
RARIG, William Irvin AER24:575
RARRICK, Charles 2AER4-8573
RARRICK, Charles Z-8573
RARRICK, Daniel AER1:33
RASOR, Aaron A. AER20:526
RASOR, Aaron A. Q-49
RASOR, Betty L. 2AER4-E65-147
RASOR, Betty L. BB-E65-47
RASOR, Elizabeth C. AER23:202
RASOR, Elizabeth C. T-7396
RASOR, Henry AER6-65
RASOR, Robert L. AER21:534
RASSI, Henry AER10-226
RASSI, Henry Sen. J-132
RASSI, John AER21:583
RASSI, John Q-533
RASSI, Mary AER10-229
RASSI, Mary AER9-537
RASSI, Mary I-383
RASSIE, Joseph L. BB-E65-202
RATHBUN, Sarah J-474
RATHBUN, Sarah E. AER11-6
RATHFON, James Elmer DD-E-68-6
RATHFON, Zulu AER25:157
RATHFON, Zulu U-7417?
RAVER, Helen E. HH-SE-74-12
RAY, Ellenora I. HH-SE-73-40
RAY, William H. AER18:468
RAYMOND, Charles AER3-104
RAYPHOLTZ, Albert 2AER4-E65-102
RAYPHOLTZ, Albert BB-E65-102
REA, Andrew J. AER12-534
REA, James L-79
REA, James O. AER12-220
REAM, Samuel AER12-248
REAM, Samuel K-459
REASONER, Alfred Winfield 2AER5-E65-173
REASONER, Alfred Winfield CC-E65-173
REASONER, Edith E. HH-E-72-125
REBER, Henry Wallace N-353
REBER, Wallace AER16:481
REBMAN, Alta V. AER12-221
REBMAN, Alta V. FF-E-70-120
REDDINGTON, Lawrence I. BB-E66-49
REDDINGTON, Lawrence T. 2AER5-E66-49
REDICK, Edna M. AER23:129
REDICK, Edna M. S-7183
REDMAN, Frank AER19:331
REDMAN, Joseph AER9-11
REDMAN, Joseph I-19
REDMAN, Mary A. AER19:26
REDMAN, Mary A. P-26
REDRUP, Will D. EE-E-69-86
REECE, Anges I-222
REECE, Thomas AER10-457
REECE, Thomas J. J-333
REED, Harriet AER11-357
REED, Ira Clayton AER26:121
REED, Ira Clayton W-7825
REED, John AER10-542
REED, John F-139
REED, John J-326
REED, John N. AER4-587
REED, John N. AER5-302
REED, Jonathan B. AER18:113
REED, Jonathan B. O-313
REED, Lillian C. AER11-281
REED, Lillian C. K-125
REED, Martin C-514
REED, Martin V.B. AER3-459,517
REED, Robert AER6-468,545
REED, Robert G-482
REED, Robert M. AER19:250
REED, Robert M. P-229
REED, Ronald F. 2AER4-E65-109
REED, Ronald F. BB-E65-109
REED, Samantha H-510
REED, W. W. AER11-149
REED, Weldon AER15:365
REED, Weldon M-376
REED, William W. AER11-62
REED, William W. J-502
REED, William W. K-110
REEG, Charles M. HH-E-74-24
REESE, Agnes C. H-281
REGENOS, Allen Dale AA-8672
REGENOS, Amanda AER9-508
REGENOS, Amanda I-464
REGENOS, Charles M. AER23:334
REGENOS, Charles M. U-7444
REGENOS, Jefferson AER17:93
REGENOS, Jefferson N-599
REGENOS, Martin AER6-523
REGENOS, Martin G-283
REGENOS, Minnie II-E-74-138
REGENOS, Samuel H-386
REHRER, Frank A. GG-E-72-27
REICHARD, Noah W. DD-E-67-97
REICHART, Joseph W. AER22:165
REICHART, Joseph W. Q-475
REID, Harriet AER16:55
REILLY, Clara G. J-330
REILLY, James J. I-22
REINEHART, James H. E-204
REINHART, James AER9-521
REINHART, Jonas I-486
REISCH, Amanda AER10-30
REISCH, Amanda I-488
REITZEL, Peter N. D-198
REMY, Edith Cole AER13:286
REMY, Frank I. 2AER3-8273
REMY, Frank I. Y-8273
REMY, Louise M. FF-SE-70-83
REMY, Peter AER15:515
REMY, Roy AER13:284
RENBARGER, Richard AER22:332
RENBARGER, Richard M. Q-491
RENIER, Augustus AER13:36
RENIER, Augustus L-378
RENIER, Gladys E. FF-E-71-20
RENIER, Leo AER14:52
RENIER, Leo AER15:141
RENIER, Leo M-15
RENIER, William AER16:409
RENIER, William AER17:382
RENSBERGER, Charles I-33
RENSBERGER, Edman D. AER25:191
RENSBERGER, Edman D. S-7145
RENSBERGER, Minnie O-621
RENSBERGER, William Franklin 2AER1-8021
RENSBERGER, William Franklin W-8021
RENSBERGER, Wm. Franklin X-8021
RENTFROW, Milton AER12-285
RENTFROW, Warren E. AER15:270
RENTFROW, Warren E. M-309
REPLOGLE, Charles AER21:285,288
REPLOGLE, Charles Q-258,359
REPLOGLE, Myrtle H. DD-E-68-100
RETTER, Maria AER9-158
RETZ, June M. AER24:147
REUTER, Clara E. AER22:1
REUTER, Clara E. Q-548
REUTER, Elma M. AER20:522
REUTER, Elma M. Q-45
REUTER, Michael GG-E-72-50
REVENAUGH, Isaiah AER16:71
REX, Laura R-58
REX, Laura Anna AER22:54
REX, Merta F. 2AER4-E66-12
REX, Merta F. BB-E66-12
RHINEHART, James H. AER4-179
RHINEHART, Russell 2AER2-8233
RHINEHART, Russell X-8233
RHOADES, Alice L. AER24:366
RHOADES, David AER6-282
RHOADES, John AER3-514
RHOADES, Marjorie L. AER22:194
RHOADES, Oliver L. S-6847
RHOADES, William H. AER9-44
RHOADES, William H. I-93
RHOADS, David G-14
RHOADS, Lewis F. A-506
RHODES, John AER14:106
RHODES, John M-55
RHODES, Lamora AER20:224
RHODES, Lewis F. AER3-468
RHODES, William C. 2AER4-E65-43
RHODES, William C. AA-E65-43
RHORER, Enoch H-138
RICE, George M. AER11-421
RICE, George M. K-264
RICE, Margaret AER17:168
RICHARD, Michael AER16:266
RICHARDS, Ella P. EE-E-69-111
RICHARDS, Emma F. AER19:187
RICHARDS, Emma F. P-144
RICHARDS, George F. AER11-10
RICHARDS, George T. J-439
RICHARDS, J. Robert AER21:351
RICHARDS, J. Robert Q-276
RICHARDS, Minnie S. AER11-377
RICHARDSON, Benjamin L-4
RICHARDSON, Benjamin F. AER12-261
RICHARDSON, Julia E. AER13:192
RICHARDSON, Julia E. L-283
RICHART, George B. H-97,118
RICHART, George C. AER4-591
RICHCREEK, Idalia GG-SE-72-77
RICHCREEK, James A-423
RICHCREEK, James AER16:376
RICHCREEK, Mary M. AER11-263
RICHER, Cora L. 2AER2-8292
RICHER, Cora L. Y-8292
RICHER, Glea Brown DD-E-68-174
RICHER, Orville H. 2AER1-8114
RICHER, Orville H. X-8114
RICHHART, Allen D-160
RICHHART, Edward AER16:311
RICHHART, George C. AER5-307
RICHHART, George C. E-573
RICHHART, Ira AER1:339,388,459
RICHHART, John M. AER10-437
RICHHART, Margaret H-160
RICHHART, Orange L.A. AER14:332
RICHHART, Sarah M. AER17:83
RICHHART, Sarah M. N-574
RICHHART, Susan B. AER10-158
RICHWINE, Frank E. AER20:149
RICHWINE, Robert A. P-443
RICKEL, Cecelia Maud U-7433
RICKEL, Cecelia Maude AER23:274
RICKEL, Fern DD-E-68-167
RICKEL, George W. AER13:129
RICKEL, George W. L-311
RICKEL, Hannah AER24:59
RICKEL, Hannah U-7599
RICKEL, Horace AER18:281
RICKEL, Horance O-395
RICKEL, James Franklin AER26:116
RICKEL, James Franklin W-7989
RICKEL, Jonas CC-E67-46
RICKEL, Michael C-505,510
RICKEL, Reason AER11-85
RICKEL, Reason J-509
RICKEL, Sarah AER12-562
RICKEL, Sarah L-349
RICKEL, Sarah E. J-335
RICKERT, Rhea G. AER21:150
RICKLE, Sarah AER10-426
RIDDERING, Grace F. II-E-74-59
RIDDLE, Leroy E. GG-SE-72-26
RIDENBAUGH, Henrietta AER14:331
RIDENBAUGH, Henrietta AER15:43
RIDENBAUGH, Henrietta M-306
RIDER, Eliza AER4-215,532
RIDER, Eliza AER5-59
RIDER, Eliza E-234
RIDER, John AER1:391,405
RIDER, Rebecca J-189
RIDER, Rebecca A. AER10-261
RIDER, William AER6-340
RIDER, William G-213
RIDINGER, George AER11-207
RIDINGER, George AER11-288
RIDINGER, George K-105
RIDINGER, Susannah C-124
RIETOW, William L-210
RIFE, Sarah AER25:212
RIFE, Sarah U-7484
RIGDON, Charles A. AER11-362
RIGDON, Charles A. J-517
RIGDON, Harriet V. AER18:153
RIGDON, Harriet V. O-350
RIGDON, Jay A. FF-E-71-77
RIGDON, Virginia AER11-127
RIGGENS, Merle R. DD-E-68-96
RIGGS, Evert Leroy H-524
RIGGS, Frederick W. AER20:518
RIGGS, Frederick W. Q-96
RINEHART, Thomas AER6-302
RINEHART, Thomas G-173
RINER, Nellie M. 2AER4-8743
RINER, Nellie M. AA-8743
RINER, Raymond E. O-325
RING, Ezra AER16:524
RING, Henry D. AER11-77,291
RING, Henry D. J-498
RING, Joshua AER10-175
RING, Joshua J-97
RING, Nancy AER12-87
RING, Nancy K-435
RING, Sara CC-E67-89
RINGENBURG, Caroline M-19
RINGER, Jake M. AER23:344
RINGER, Jake M. U-7429
RINGER, John W. AER11-390
RINGER, Nora M. AER26:1
RINGER, Nora M. W-7871
RINGGENBERG, Caroline AER14:90
RINGGENBERG, Rudolph H-438
RINGLE, Amos AER25:138
RINGLER, Frank CC-E67-169
RIPPEY, David A-303
RIPPEY, Gertrude F. AER12-506
RIPPEY, John M. AER10-353
RIPPEY, John M. J-257
Ripple & Rowan, Assignors H-203,216
RIPPLE, Abigail AER11-466
RIPPLE, Abigail K-236
RIPPLE, William E. AER16:195
RIPPLE, William E. L-432
RISHER, Jane Retz AER24:528
RISHER, June Retz V-7713
RISSER, Viola T. AER11-410
RISSER, Viola T. AER12-167
RISTOW, William AER12-415
RITCHESON, Joseph A. AER3-146,427
RITCHIE, George M. AER9-324
RITCHIE, George M. I-391
RITCHISON, Joseph A. D-257
RITTENHOUSE, Henrietta AER16:576
RITTENHOUSE, Henrietta N-511
RITTENHOUSE, Matthias AER15:334
RITTENHOUSE, Sherman AER10-491
RITTER, Abraham AER6-455
RITTER, Abraham G-209
RITTER, Annie G-314
RITTER, Dallas Clinton EE-E-70-75
RITTER, Delilah AER14:24
RITTER, Delilah L-438
RITTER, Eli E-180
RITTER, Elias AER4-104,154
RITTER, Elijah A-400
RITTER, Elijah AER1:206,395
RITTER, Elijah AER3-61,63
RITTER, Fannie B. AER21:184
RITTER, Frank E. AER19:388
RITTER, Frank E. P-63
RITTER, Hiram B. AER12-365
RITTER, Hiram B. L-119
RITTER, Jerome B. AER10-83
RITTER, Jerome B. J-16
RITTER, Jerry AER10-280
RITTER, Katie AER12-167
RITTER, Katie K-214
RITTER, Maria I-229
RITTER, Nancy H-301
RITTER, Richard G. AER19:190
RITTER, William H. AER11-399
RITTER, William H. K-242
ROACH, Thomas 2AER1-8135
ROACH, Thomas X-8135
ROATH, James AER5-370
ROATH, James F-136
ROATH, Jerry AER16:254
ROATH, Polly AER6-441
ROATH, Polly G-242
ROATH, Rosa N. AER23:470
ROATH, Rosa N. U-7504
ROATH, Sarah E. AER10-313
ROATH, Sarah E. J-213
ROBBINS, Hazel V-7745
ROBBINS, Hazel I. AER25:335
ROBBINS, Henry P-524
ROBBINS, Henry W. AER20:293
ROBBINS, James L. AER15:224
ROBBINS, Jeremiah AER6-445
ROBBINS, Jeremiah Est. Of G-94
ROBBINS, Martha E. AER14:361
ROBBINS, Sarah AER9-50
ROBBINS, Sarah A. K-383
ROBBINS, Sarah E. AER13:180
ROBBINS, Warren 2AER2-8457
ROBBINS, Warren Y-8457
ROBBINS, William AER20:121
ROBBINS, William I-44
ROBBINS, William P-457
ROBENALT, Sarah E. AER16:387
ROBENALT, Sarah E. N-247
ROBERDS, Elsie L-223
ROBERTS, Elizabeth AER15:268
ROBERTS, Elizabeth AER16:497
ROBERTS, Elizabeth AER17:273
ROBERTS, Elizabeth E-540
ROBERTS, Elizabeth N-362
ROBERTS, Elizabeth E. AER4-558,567
ROBERTS, Elmer A. AER20:197
ROBERTS, Elmer A. P-572
ROBERTS, Elsie S. AER12-530
ROBERTS, Florence May HH-E-73-106
ROBERTS, George AER20:185
ROBERTS, George P-549
ROBERTS, James L-28
ROBERTS, James E. AER12-292
ROBERTS, Josephine AER18:250
ROBERTS, Josephine O-429
ROBERTS, Mabel 2AER5-E66-108
ROBERTS, Myrtle GG-E-72-30
ROBERTS, Nelson H-129
ROBERTSON, Frank FF-E-69-33
ROBERTSON, Woodrow D. AER25:543
ROBINS, Sarah A. AER11-522
ROBINSON, Carrie 2AER4-E65-15
ROBINSON, Della Anne FF-E-70-79
ROBINSON, Duffy W. AER16:463
ROBINSON, Eliza K-478
ROBINSON, Eliza A. AER11-532
ROBINSON, Genoa P-60
ROBINSON, George AER10-86
ROBINSON, Harlan AER17:224
ROBINSON, Harlan E. N-515
ROBINSON, Herbert B. 2AER5-E67-7
ROBINSON, Herbert B. CC-E67-7
ROBINSON, James I. AER12-471
ROBINSON, James I. K-525
ROBINSON, Joanna W. AER1:94
ROBINSON, Joanniah M. A-181
ROBINSON, John J. AER11-315
ROBINSON, John J. K-342
ROBINSON, Lillian E. DD-E-68-24
ROBINSON, Margaret AER5-98
ROBINSON, Margaret D-448
ROBINSON, Margaret Pearl AER21:463
ROBINSON, Margaret Pearl P-408
ROBINSON, Mary I. AER16:151
ROBINSON, Myrtle HH-SE-72-76
ROBINSON, Nellie E. AER18:471
ROBINSON, Palatha Ann AER19:370
ROBINSON, Pauline V. 2AER4-8464
ROBINSON, Robert C-169
ROBINSON, Samuel S. I-342
ROBINSON, Silas M. H-152
ROBINSON, Vincent AER1:59
ROBINSON, Viola E. AER11-138
ROBINSON, Viola R. J-540
ROBINSON, William AER1:482,561
ROBISON, Eddie Willis EE-E-69-129
ROBISON, Sabin V. AER18:2
ROBISON, Samuel S. AER9-301
ROBY, Hannah C. AER6-40
ROBY, Hannah C. G-4

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