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Kosciusko County: An Oral and Pictorial History, Vol II by Daniel L. Coplen For the Kosciusko County Historical Society, 1997

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Courtesy of Marjorie Priser an everyname index to the above History is presented here.

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Kosciusko County Historical Society
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Sue has also graciously volunteered to do look-ups from this book.

(p) Indicates photo      np Indicates no page number
Pages 262-263 not indexed

Name Page(s)
_____, Rosie 205
Abbott, Reuben 14
Ackley, B. D. 251
Adams, Norah 45, 46
Akers, Ed (p)154
Allen, George (Tommy) 219
Andrews, P. T. (p)165
Angel, John 81
Anglin, David 182
Anglin, Grace 184
Anglin, Max R. (p)179-181
Anglin, Mel 125
Anglin, W. I., Mrs. 184
Anglin, William Biggs 184
Archer, R. E. (p)165
Armstrong, James 13, 186
Arnold, Art (p)55
Arnold, Gertrude (p)55
Asher, Mrs. 248
Aughingaugh, Frank (p)57
Auginbaugh, Ruth (p)235
Baer, Orpha 213
Bailey, Bill 208
Baker, George 217
Baker, Jacob 198
Baldwin, Robert (p)260
Ball, Edgar (p)151
Barbknecht, E. H. (p)165
Bard, W. E. (p)165
Bartel, Lois 76
Basett, Wally (p)53
Bash, J. M. 135-136
Basley, _____ (p)97
Bass, Jacob 175
Bass, Sue (p)80
Baughn, John 152
Baum, Polly (p)235
Baumgarten, E. W. (p)165
Bause, Merrill (p)82
Bayus, S. (p)165
Beck, Catherine (p)6
Beck, Metcalf 12, (p)13
Beck, Russell (p)6, 181
Beer, Theo 21, 23, 25, 27, 28
Bennet, J. W. (p)165
Bennett, Ed (p)6
Berkey, P. T. (p)165
Berlin, Dutch (p)154
Berst, Matilda (p)139
Berwick, Walter (p)141
Beyer, C. Chris 254
Beyer, Doctor 42
Beyer, Ed 254
Beyer, Fred 28, 254
Beyer, J. Fred 22, 254
Beyer, O. Fred 22, 26, 254
Bidelman, Dennis (p)233
Bidelman, Gerald (p)233
Bidelman, Mary 236
Bidleman, Chuck (p)155
Biller, James (p)190, (p)192
Biller, Royce Johnny 189-193
Bishop, ____ 209
Bitner, _____ (p)97
Black, Del 240
Blaine, William 104
Blalock, William (p)155
Bockman, Bill 81
Boganwright, Dick 235
Boggers, Harry 81
Boggs, Stanley (p)258
Bolinger, Herbert (p)76
Bond, Johnny 35, 125
Bonfiglio, C. C. (p)165
Boogers, Hiram 182-183
Boon, George (p)112
Boone, Daniel 96
Boots, Samuel 222
Boss, Jacob 142
Bowman, Al 83-84
Bowman, D. A. (p)74
Bowman, Daniel 182
Boydston, B. S. 52-53
Bradway, F. P. 30
Bradway, James 26, 241-242
Brake, Deliah 92
Brandenburg, Mae (p)57
Brant, Cobbie (p)154
Brant, Devere 181, (p)182
Breading, Doris 79
Breading, Jim 76
Breading, Opal (p)138
Bridenthall, George 224
Briggs, William 182
Brindle, R. L. (p)165
Briscoe, H. L. (p)165
Brower, Mary (p)210
Brown, Arthur 240
Brown, John (p)191
Brown, Mrs. (p)191
Brown, Ott (p)90
Brown, Russell (p)102
Brubaker, Walter 103
Brubaker, Wilmer 221
Brubaker, Wilmer 223
Brumbaugh, David 196
Brumbaugh, Maxine (p)199
Brumbaugh, Victor 197
Bruner, Jesse (p)52
Bruner, Justin (p)52
Bruning, Minnie (p)191
Bruning, William H. 32-33
Bryan, William Jennings 72, 249
Buchholtz, Ernest 19
Buell, Dale (p)76
Buell, George (p)76
Buell, Pop 37
Buller, R. W. (p)165
Burgener, Ernest (p)195
Burgener, Myrtle (p)195
Burger, Elizabeth (p)57
Burger, Ruth (p)57
Bussard, Effie 229
Butler, Ovid 204
Butt, William Billy 141
Butterbaugh, Eva (p)228
Butterbaugh, Hazel (p)228
Butterbaugh, John 226
Butterbaugh, Nellie May (p)228
Butterbaugh, Viola (p)228
Butterbaugh, Will 229
Butterbaugh, William H. 227
Butterbaugh, William (p)228
Butts, Donnie (p)230
Butts, Gene Buddy (p)230
Byers, Paul (p)148
Byrd, Richard E. (p)249, 258
Byrer, Hilda (p)195
Byrer, Sam (p)195
Byrer, William 183
Byrer, Wilson (p)184
Cain, Naomi Secor 239, (p)240
Callison, William (p)154
Campbell, John (p)225
Campfield, Joe 10
Carlin, Vera (p)57
Carmichael, Katherine 251
Carpenter, C. H. (p)165
Carpenter, Lloyd (p)235
Carr, Bill (p)155
Carroll, Miss 46
Carter, _____ (p)97
Carter, Perry 15
Cartwright, Alvin (p)6
Chapman, Bill 141
Chapman, Charles W. 136
Chapman, John B. 8
Christman, _____ 209
Cisney, James (p)92
Cisney, James 93
Clark, D. R. (p)165
Clay, Henry 96
Cleveland, Grover 36, 40
Cluen, Carl (p)90
Coble, _____ (p)57
Coffman, Beulah (p)130
Coleman, Augustus (p)175
Coleman, L. F. (p)74
Collins, G. R. 95
Comstock, James 136
Conklin, Francis M. (p)173
Connor, _____ 186
Conrad, Ed (p)197
Conrad, Jacob 194
Conrad, Jacob (p)196
Conrad, Russel (p)195
Conrad, Thelma (p)195
Cook, _____ (p)97
Cook, Alexander 234
Cook, John 63
Coons, Jacob 175
Cooper, David 86
Cooper, Doris 86
Cooper, Marjorie 86
Cooper, Nellie 33
Cooper, Raymond 86
Coplen, Adrian 102, 115
Coplen, Mary K. 112, 115
Cowen, Jane 53
Cox, Byford (p)235
Creakbaum, Donnie Gump (p)230
Creighton, Hobart 128
Creighton, Steve 153
Crill, Randall (p)57
Cripe, Guy 22, 28
Crist, George 139
Crist, Oren (p)57
Crosson, Sam 137
Cumberland, Frank (p)233

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