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Kosciusko County: An Oral and Pictorial History, Vol II by Daniel L. Coplen For the Kosciusko County Historical Society, 1997

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Courtesy of Marjorie Priser an everyname index to the above History is presented here.

For information on how you can purchase this book contact: Sue Zellers. You can email her or write to:
Sue Zellers, Chairman Genealogy Section
Kosciusko County Historical Society
PO Box 1071
Warsaw, IN 46581
Sue has also graciously volunteered to do look-ups from this book.

(p) Indicates photo      np Indicates no page number
Pages 262-263 not indexed

Name Page(s)
Daley, Ellen 224
Daley, John 224
Danforth, Sue (p)144
Dangler, Laura (p)149
Darrow, Clarence 97
Dausman, Charles (p)191
Dausman, Sam (p)191
Dausman, Samuel Mrs. (p)191
Davis, Bob (p)90
Davis, George 85
Davis, Jefferson 97
Davis, William G. 79
Day, Madelin (p)138
Day, Mae (p)138
Deafenbaugh, Faye (p)219
Deafenbaugh, Paul (p)219
Deafenbaugh, Ray (p)219
Decker, Hugh (p)78, (p)155
Deisch, Dallas (p)195
Denny, Alvin (p)222
Denny, Lloyd (p)219
Denny, Robert (p)219
Denny, Tilly (p)220
Derry, Harold 114, (p)123, 126, 128
DeTurk, Clarence (p)160, 167, 168
Dewart, Randall 42, 100-101, 130, 202-203
Dierks, Henry (p)198
Diesch, Lloyd (p)195
Diesch, Roscoe (p)195
Dillinger, John 36-37, 194, 237
Dobbins, C. J. (p)165
Dodge, Joseph B. 136, 175-176
Dome, Frances (p)80
Dome, Norma 79-80
Doran, Amos 118
Dougherty, Noble 195
Drake, Ira 142
Drake, Kelly (p)83
Drudge, Walter (p)20
Dukes, E. J. (p)260
Dunlap, William 234
Dye, Herb 254
Eby, Merl 216
Edington, Bern (p)154
Edwards, Herbert Rev. 60-61
Eggleston, Thomas 124
Eiley, Frank 216
Eisenhower, Dwight D. 103
Eisenhower, Mamie 103
Elick, Vadis (p)219
Elkins, Quimby 42-43
Ellis, Robert E. 64
Emerick, Owen 74
Engle, Jack 232
Engle, John 232
English, Bob 87-88
Erich, Henrick (p)74
Erwin, Nannie McGinley (p)52
Estep, Cora Weaver (p)191
Ettinger, Frank J. (p)23, (p)57
Ettinger, Grace (p)57
Ettinger, Joe (p)90
Ettinger, Russell (p)23
Evans, Ralph (p)235
Farber, Dave (p)17
Faris, Jane 100, 105
Farley, Mary (p)80
Farmer, Henry 14
Fear, Goldie 237
Fear, Herman (p)233
Fear, Homer 237
Fear, Losa Putt (p)139, 237
Fear, Tommy (p)230
Felter, Ed (p)154
Ferguson, Arnold (p)94
Ferguson, B. W. (p)94
Ferguson, Donald (p)94
Ferguson, Jack 94
Ferguson, Junior (p)94
Ferguson, Pete 94
Ferguson, Richard M. D. (p)94
Finton, Alden (p)154
Finton, Dave 220
Finton, Gusta (p)214
Fisher, Hog,John 220
Fisher, Alta (p)20
Fisher, Freemont 240
Fisher, Geneva (p)20, (p)219
Fisher, George 152, (p)154, 233
Fisher, Helen (p)219
Fisher, Jim (p)214
Fisher, John (p)216
Fisher, Kenneth (p)214, (p)219
Fisher, Lillie 240
Fisher, Viola 217
Fitzgerald, Mike 35
Flouke, Arden (p)np
Forney, Harry (p)102
Foulk, H. A. 242
Fox, Lyman 222
Frantz, Lucetta (p)90
Frazer, James 213
Frazer, Theodore (p)112
Frederickson, Glen L. 174
Fremont, John C. 96
Frost, Thomas J., Rev. 66-68
Frush, Jerry 142
Funk, _____ (p)97
Furtzaig, Saul (p)162
Gall, Claude (p)195
Gall, Florence (p)195
Gall, Francis (p)195
Galli-Curci, Madame (p)248-250
Galloway, M. A. (p)165
Galloway, T. H. (p)165
Gameson, Lowell (p)120
Garber, Avery Pat (p)82
Garber, Jeff 80
Garten, Elizabeth (p)126
Garvin, Charles 46
Garvin, David 6
Gast, David (p)258
Geiger, Charlie (p)192
Geiger, Frank (p)192
Geiger, Henry (p)191
Geiger, Mrs. (p)191
George, Charles (p)197
George, Dale 195
George, Dale (p)195
George, Edmond Jim (p)194, (p)197
George, Hazel Mrs. (p)195
George, Joy (p)195
George, Peter (p)197
Gerard, Earl Peck 82
Gerard, Hurley O. 121
Gibson, J. W. (p)75
Gifford, Ruth (p)80
Gill, Russel (p)57
Gillette, Maida 62
Gilliam, Marguerite Robinson 75-77
Godfrey, C. F. (p)165
Good, Claude 153
Goodwin, Mrs. (p)137
Goshert, Bernice 47
Goshert, Mary (p)76
Grabner, John 93-94, 128
Graham, Billy 245, 255
Grant, Ulysses S. 52-53, 174
Graves, Charles 15
Graves, William 12
Grayston, Wallace 204
Griffith, Arthur 91-92, (p)93
Grindle, Esther Jean Secor (p)240
Grisso, Fred (p)55
Groves, Bob 124, 202
Grubbs, J. D. (p)165
Gunter, Anthony (p)219
Gunter, Avis 104
Gunter, Harold (p)219
Gunter, Ruby (p)219
Guy, James 186
Guy, Sam 224

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