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Kosciusko County: An Oral and Pictorial History, Vol II by Daniel L. Coplen For the Kosciusko County Historical Society, 1997

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Courtesy of Marjorie Priser an everyname index to the above History is presented here.

For information on how you can purchase this book contact: Sue Zellers. You can email her or write to:
Sue Zellers, Chairman Genealogy Section
Kosciusko County Historical Society
PO Box 1071
Warsaw, IN 46581
Sue has also graciously volunteered to do look-ups from this book.

(p) Indicates photo      np Indicates no page number
Pages 262-263 not indexed

Name Page(s)
Landis, Helen (p)57
Landis, Vern 103
Landon, Alf 103-104
Lang, _____ (p)97
Lash, Philip 14
Latta, Carl (p)165
Leckrone, Amanda Huff (p)139
Leckrone, Blanche (p)57
Lehmer, Albert (p)57
Leininger, Anenia 234
Leininger, Daniel (p)234
Leininger, David (p)234
Leininger, Elias (p)234
Leininger, Jonas (p)234
Leininger, Kermit (p)233
Leininger, Mary Cordelia (p)234
Leininger, Moses (p)234
Leininger, Polly (p)234
Leininger, Sarah (p)234
Leininger, Susanna (p)234
Leiter, Cloyce (p)219
Lepper, Ruth (p)16
Lewis, J. O. 12
Lichtenwalter, D. J. (p)165
Lichtenwalter, R. C. (p)165
Lilly, Eli 201, 208
Lincoln, Abraham 96, 103
Littrell, _____ (p)97
Livengood, Bertha 62
Livengood, M. S. 62
Lloyd, Billy (p)76
Locke, Donald (p)161, 166-167
Logan, Eli 242
Loher, _____ (p)97
Long, Elisha Van (p)138
Long, Walter 224
Loveday, George 41, 83-84
Loveday, Mrs. 76
Lowman, Curly (p)154
Lowman, Sam (p)154
Loye, Earl (p)141
Lucas, Frank 236
Lucas, Ike 220
Lucas, Isaac 66
Lucier, Ralph 103
Lucier, Ruby 103
Lueke, Marj 83
Lutz, Nellie (p)179
Lynch, Edith (p)137
Lynch, Estelle (p)137
Macose, son of Musquawbuck 12
Magee, J. F. (p)57
Marsh, Jerry 153
Marshall, Eugene (p)233
Marshall, Gene 233
Martin, John 183
Martz, Trevia (p)179
Mason, Avis Iden (p)84
Mason, Homer 242
Mason, Lewis 170, 172
Mason, Ralph (p)39, 40
Massa, Kenneth (p)162
Mathews, ____ 92
Matthews, John 222
Matthews, Olive Coleman (p)74
Mayhugh, Berniece 107
Mayhugh, Dick 221
Mayhugh, Emma 221
Mayhugh, Glen 221
Mazette, son of Musquawbuck 12
McAlpine, William 49
McCarter, _____ (p)97
McColley, Clifford (p)179
McConnell, Frankie 92
McConnell, George 15
McCreary, _____ 210
McCuen, Warren 187
McCuren, Lelah (p), 48
McDaniel, Maurice 240-241
McDonald, Angus M.D. 128
McFarland, Bill 233, (p)233
McFarland, Edith (p)236
McFarland, Joe (p)236
McFarland, Merl (p)236
McFarland, Ralph (p)236
McFarland, Roy (p)236
McGinley, Homer 79
McGinley, Howard 52
McKill, Iva (p)108
McKown, Fred 125, 229
McKrill, Frank 218
McManus, Silas 94
McSherry, Edith (p)243
McSherry, John (p)233
McSherry, Wilbur 238-239
Melendez, Domingo 196
Mellinger, George 204
Mellinger, Maude 204
Mellott, F. O. (p)np
Menzie, Jake 126
Meredith, Marcella Dickey 231, 236-237
Meredith, Vernon (p)230, 235-236
Metz, Dale (p)55, 210
Metzger, Abe 216
Metzger, Abraham 24
Metzger, Cloice 21, (p)22, 24-28, 124-125
Metzger, Emery 22
Metzger, Grace (p)57
Metzger, Kenneth (p)219
Metzger, Milt (p)57
Metzger, Pearl (p)57
Michael, Blanche (p)57
Michael, Harry T. 158
Michael, M. E. (p)165
Michael, Mildred (p)57
Midgley, Robert (p)162
Milice, Ed 7
Miller, Dave (p)90
Miller, Elnora (p)195
Miller, Ephraim (p)195
Miller, Felix 183
Miller, Harvey (p)195
Miller, John 197
Miller, Lydia 47
Miller, Nora (p)195
Miller, Samuel (p)195
Miller, V. A. (p)165
Miller, Valentine (p)195
Minear, L. Festus (p)90
Minear, Otto (p)90
Miner, Al 70
Mishler, Harry (p)57
Mitchell, Thomas 175
Mock, Elmer (p)55
Mock, Goldie (p)55
Mock, Rose (p)55
Mollenhour, Amos (p)95
Mollenhour, E. Minor (p)95
Mollenhour, Edward (p)95
Mollenhour, Hiram (p)95
Mollenhour, Isaac (p)95
Mollenhour, John 234
Mollenhour, Lyman (p)95
Mollenhour, William (p)95
Monoquet, Chief 12-13, 187
Montel, William (p)6
Moon, George (p)92, 96
Moore, Owen (p)57
Moran, Clara Royse (p)124
Moran, Matthew (p)124
Moran, Royse (p)124, (p)258
Morgan, Betty Zimmer (p)258
Morrison, Dale 194
Motto, John (p)112
Murphy, _____ 225
Murphy, Kenny (p)179
Musquawbuck, Chief (p)12
Neely, Joseph 182
Neff, Fuzz (p)154
Neher, Austin Pat 85
Neher, Eldora 84, 172, 229
Neusbaum, Roger (p)53
Newby, Doc (p)102
Newby, Merl (p)102
Newcomb, Peter (p)8
Nichols, Dean (p)149
Nye, Carolyn 102-103
Nye, Charles 73-74
Nye, Ed (p)75
Nye, George A. 34-41, 49, 73, 91, 94, 104, 116-117, 127, 130, 139, 140-141, 182, 215, (p)216, 222-223
Nye, Grace 101-102, 245-247, 254, 257
Nye, J. R. (p)75
Nye, Ludlow 11, (p)13
Oldfather, S. W. 29
Oldfather, Sam 17, 134-136
Omonse, O. D. (p)165
Oneal, James Jimmie 204-205
Oneal, Mildred 205
Osborn, Simon (p)141
Osborn, W. E. (p)105
Oswalt, Harriet (p)235
Oyen, Charley (p)198
Packer, John C. 219-220
Page, Bush (p)154
Pallet, Martha 242
Palmer, Arthur B. 79, (p)80
Palmer, Ellen (p)80
Palmer, Fred (p)80
Palmer, Jim (p)80
Palmer, Osiah (p)80
Papakeechie, Chief 13
Parker, Geraldine (p)219
Parks, _____ (p)97
Patton, General 163-164
Pearnman, _____ (p)97
Pegg, Elisha 129
Perry, Alvin (p)229
Peterson, John C. 174
Peterson, R. J. (p)165
Pfeiffer, William (p)120
Pfleiderer, Esther 50-52, 130
Phend, Harlan (p)194
Phillips, Loren (p)76
Phillipson, Ben 71, 73
Phillipson, Marcus 71, (p)72
Philpot, Stephen Sinner 96
Pierce, Chapin 129
Pile, Virgil (p)57
Piper, Otho Shorty (p)154, 247
Pittenger, Ivonna (p)57
Pittenger, John J. (p)23
Pittenger, John A., Sr. (p)23
Pittenger, Maude (p)57
Pletcher, ____ 94
Plew, Elizabeth Robinson 77
Poland, Thomas 222
Polk, Jim 223
Pollock, Hiram G. 242
Pontius, Wendell (p)90
Poor, Pat (p)77
Pophan, John (p)155
Poulson, Bertha (p)57
Poulson, Don (p)39
Poulson, Ed (p)57
Powell, Jack 182
Powell, John 129
Pressnal, Calvin 39

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