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Kosciusko County: An Oral and Pictorial History, Vol II by Daniel L. Coplen For the Kosciusko County Historical Society, 1997

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Courtesy of Marjorie Priser an everyname index to the above History is presented here.

For information on how you can purchase this book contact: Sue Zellers. You can email her or write to:
Sue Zellers, Chairman Genealogy Section
Kosciusko County Historical Society
PO Box 1071
Warsaw, IN 46581
Sue has also graciously volunteered to do look-ups from this book.

(p) Indicates photo      np Indicates no page number
Pages 262-263 not indexed

Name Page(s)
Ramsey, Buthene Hartsock (p)123
Rankin, David (p)53
Rarick, Frank 103
Redman, Jim (p)102
Reed, Faughn (p)76
Reed, Logan (p)76
Reese, Charles (p)155
Reese, Kal 242
Reid, William Clifford (p)138
Ressler, Bonnie Brumbaugh 196-197
Rhodes, Leonard (p)154
Rice, Charles 160
Richardson, Benjamin (p)124
Richardson, Julia Moran (p)124
Richart, _____ (p)97
Rickel, Samuel 231
Rickle, Forest (p)155
Rife, Chauncey 82
Rife, George 146
Riley, George 95
Riley, James Whitcomb 72, 93-94
Riley, Lucy 95
Riley, Otto 95
Riley, Pauline (p)48
Ritter, Mariah Hamman (p)93
Ritter, William 93
Robbins, _____ (p)97
Roberts, George (p)191
Roberts, Grace (p)138
Roberts, Tom (p)198
Robertson, Wayne 87
Robinson, Dick 246, 258
Robinson, Frank 95
Robinson, Harry R. 174
Robinson, Herbert B. 74
Robinson, Mabel 246, 248
Robinson, Oliver D. J. 196
Robinson, Sabe (p)55
Rodeheaver, Homer (p)133, (p)247, 248-249, 254, 258
Rogers, Charles H. 158
Rogers, Will (p)249, 258
Rollins, J. A. (p)165
Rollins, John (p)76
Roose, Doc 181-182, (p)182
Roosevelt, Franklin D. 104
Rosbrugh, Iva Marie 71-73
Rose, L. O. (p)165
Rosecrans, William 174
Rosenbaum, Dick (p)191
Rosenbaum, Herman (p)198
Rosenbaum, Mrs. (p)191
Ross, F. (p)165
Ross, James 183
Ross, Velma Osborn (p)75
Rough, Joseph Hank 34-35
Rowelinson, F. B. 186
Royse, L. W. 136-137
Royse, Lemuel (p)93, 96-97
Ruby, Frank 206
Ruby, Margaret (p)80
Ruebin, Martin (p)162
Rule, Lewis P. 158, (p)161, 164-166
Russell, Phyllis (p)76
Rutter, _____ (p)83
Ryerson, Ira 6
Saine, Allen 29
Salman, Lela 87, 147-148, 237
Sanders, Frank (p)155
Sanders, Frank Jr. 155
Sanderson, Florence 159, 164
Sanderson, Ralph 158-160, (p)161, 162, (p)162, 163-164
Sands, Ron (p)154
Sands, Willis (p)154
Sarber, Edson (p)52
Sarber, Jim (p)90
Sargent, Hazel 208
Sargent, Jess 207-208, (p)208
Sargent, Laura 207
Sawyer, Ransome 197
Schobert, Rita 254
Schobert, Rudy 251
Schoephester, William (p)162
Schroff, Edd (p)105
Schue, Alice (p)57
Schue, May (p)57
Schumann-Heink, Ernestine (p)248-249
Scott, Caleb S. (p)173
Scott, Roy 216
Scott, Sylvester 125
Scott, Winfield 96
Searfoss, Jim (p)168
Seavey, Bill 226
Secor, Dale (p)240
Secor, Henry 238
Secor, Sylvia (p)240
Secrist, Arthur (p)55
Secrist, May (p)55
Shaffer, _____ (p)97
Shaffer, George 63, 246, 257
Shaffer, John 34
Shank, Jacob (p)6
Sharp, Charlie (p)96
Sharp, Frances (p)96
Sharp, Isaac W. (p)96, 97
Sharp, Monilla (p)96
Sharp, Ola (p)96
Sheets, Virginia (p)199
Shelmadine, Arthur 215-218, (p)219
Shelmadine, Cleo (p)219
Shelmadine, Jacob (p)216
Shelmadine, Ray (p)219
Shenefield, Ruth Robinson 75-76
Shepherd, Dick 88
Sherman, William T. 174
Shew, J. H. (p)165
Shidler, Charles Chub 224
Shidler, John 225
Shiremen, Douglas 227
Shiremen, Minnie 227
Shirey, Ed 238
Shoemaker, Clarence 77, (p)78, (p)106, 130
Shoemaker, Robert (p)78
Shoup, Jack (p)40
Shroyer, Charles 30, (p)55
Sierk, Rudolph (p)48
Sigler, Charles (p)112
Simerson, ____ (p)219
Simison, Oscar 221
Simmerson, Howard (p)219
Simonson, C. B. 135-136
Singer, John (p)90
Sisk, Frederick 158
Skinner, Ethel (p)108
Smiley, _____ (p)97
Smith, Clarence 196
Smith, D. E. (p)np
Smith, Faun (p)51
Smith, H. S. (p)np
Smith, Jacob 183
Smith, Joe (p)102
Smith, Ostia (p)np
Smith, Raymond 121
Smithy, Vernon (p)123
Snavely, Joe (p)197
Snell, Lois (p)219
Snepp, Donald (p)219
Snepp, Erma (p)219
Snider, J. E. (p)128
Snider, Samuel 29
Snoke, Ed 85
Snoke, Floyd Skinny 87
Snoke, Musa 87
Snure, Elizabeth 228
Snure, George 228
Snyder, Milo (p)156
Solt, Louie 205
Sousa, John Philip (p)249
Spitler, Angynetta 118
Spitler, Byron (p)113, 118-119
Spurlock, Vena Beck 181, 183-184
Stackhouse, Anna Mae (p)48
Standish, Tom 7
Stewart, Anna Lou 31-33
Stewart, Martin L. 175
Stokes, Lyle (p)154
Stokes, Stuart (p)154
Stoner, _____ (p)97
Stong, Martha (p)138
Stouder, Charles 197
Strickler, Joe 126
Strieby, Blanche (p)206
Stuckman, Bertha 65-66
Stuckman, Charlie 173-174
Stump, Dottie 197
Stump, Frances (p)199
Stump, Mrs. Virgil 197
Stump, Sylvan Jr. (p)90
Sudlow, Anna 203-205
Sullivan, Jill (p)144
Sullivan, Kip (p)149
Sullivan, Mary 150
Sullivan, Rex (p)149
Summy, Eli 182
Summy, Ishamy 238
Sunday, Billy 31, 51, 244, (p)245, (p)246, 247-249, 255-256
Sunday, Helen (p)245, 246-249
Surface, O. F. (p)165
Sutton, Madge Garten (p)126
Swager, H. L. (p)165
Swank, Manuel (p)194, (p)197
Swartzlander, Irvin (p)191
Swartzlander, Irvin Mrs. (p)191
Swick, Dean (p)233
Swick, J. W. (p)52
Swick, Jay 232-234
Swick, John Wesley 233
Swick, Lena (p)235
Swick, Wanda Heighway 233
Tatum, Adrian (p)162
Taylor, Bob 257
Taylor, George 95
Taylor, Icy 235
Taylor, Keith (p)230
Taylor, Seth 119
Taylor, Zachary 96
Teeple, Charles (p)193
Teeple, Gordie (p)193
Teghtmeyer, _____ 223
Templen, Martha Lou (p)179
Thomas, _____ (p)97
Thomas, Harry 232
Thomas, James (p)219
Thomas, Martha 101
Thomas, Ruth Rodeheaver 258
Thomas, Paul (p)219
Thompson, Daniel W. (p)29
Thralls, George 135
Thralls, Jake 92
Tilburn, E. O. Rev. 63
Tillet, J. N. Mrs. (p)260
Tillet, J. N. (p)260
Towl, A. M. 234
Trish, Mrs. Mother 96, (p)97
Troxel, Martin (p)194, (p)197
Tschantz, Edna (p)57
Tucker, Albert (p)233
Tucker, Devon (p)233
Tucker, John 234-235
Turner, James 114
Tusing, Joe (p)198
Tusing, John 96
Tyson, Betty (p)90
Ulery, Flossie (p)57
Ulrey, Bill 228
Ulrey, Fern (p)57
Ulrey, Lloyd (p)57
Ulrey, Ruby (p)57
Umbaugh, Harold 197
Urschel, Dr. 86
Valentine, Earl (p)90
VanBuren, Martin 96
VanCuren, Florence 48
VanDoren, B. D. (p)165
VanGilder, Roy (p)77
VanWerner, Otis 88
Vance, Betty 169-170, 210
Vandermark, Bess 240
Vandermark, Edson 240
Vandermark, Elmer 240, (p)241
Vandermark, Esta 240
Vandermark, John 235
Vandermark, John 236
Vandermark, Louise 240
Vanderveer, Merrill 196
Vanderveer, Ruth 196
Vandyke, J. W. Mrs. 131
Vaugh, Layman (p)242
Vaughn, Walter (p)76
Vawter, John T. 203
Vawter, John 205-206
Wade, Glen (p)155
Wagner, _____ (p)97
Waldron, Phyllis (p)139
Wall, Miss (p)258
Wallace, John Marshall (p)179
Wallace, Lew 103-104
Walter, William 220
Walther, Glen E. (p)229
Walther, Maurice 226-229
Warner, C. W. (p)165
Warner, Francis (p)53
Washington, George 96
Washington, Martha 146
Wawasee, Chief 13
Webb, Vice Mrs. 142
Webster, Daniel 12
Weed, Harrison (p)55
Weimer, Zerma (p)55
Werner, Oscar (p)90
Wertenberger, Clarence 78
Whitacre, Clarence (p)55
White, Betty 32
White, Don 32
White, George W. 234
White, Nina 32
Whitney, Frank 34
Whitney, Robert M.D. 90
Whorton, _____ 213
Widaman, Alan 54, (p)137
Widaman, John D. (p)137
Widaman, Mrs. John (p)137
Widaman, Mrs. Alan (p)137
Wilburn, Bob Rev. 67-68
Wilcox, Alfred 93
Willard, Mrs. 115
Williams, Reub 10, (p)13-16, 95, 213
Williams, Ted 72
Williams, William 175, 213
Wilt, Bill (p)77
Wimerson, Edward (p)219
Windland, Jay 242
Wineland, W. R. (p)165
Wogoman, _____ (p)97
Wolf, Charles 242
Wood, Hazel Sargent 208
Wood, Thomas 213
Worsham, Loretta (p)219
Wrigley, Hazel (p)219
Wrigley, Nettie (p)219
Wyland, Howard Dutch 105
Yarnell, E. F. 8
Yeiter, Joe 181
Yeiter, Lester 182
Yocky, Henry 194
Young, Frank 235, (p)237
Zimmer, J. O. 128

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