KOSCIUSKO COUNTY, IN Township Boundaries
Changes and Dates

Excerpted from "History of Kosciusko County" by Marion Wallace Coplen
This series of 11 maps are based on "Commissioners Record, Passim: Laws of Indiana"(local), 336; 1845-1846 (general), 87-88; "Revised statutes of Indiana, 1842-1843", p.88.




Kos. co. commissioners established 3 townships

9 new townships established

1.5 miles on the eastern boarder of Harrison twp. was attached to Wayne Township




9 sections of land were taken away from Fulton Co. by the state legislature and attached to the SW corner of Kos. Co. Franklin twp.

In 1843 the 1840 law was declared a mistake by the state legislature and the 9 sections were given back to Fulton Co. Looks like 1839 map.

Scott Township was created out of part of Jefferson twp.

June, 1855

Dec, 1855


Etna Twp. created out of parts of Prairie and Harrison

Jackson Twp. was divided into two parts, creating Monroe twp.

Several times between 1848 and 1856 the co. commissioners took sections away from Jefferson and added them to Scott twp. 5 sections in all were transferred in the manner, the last shift in 1856.





Seward twp. was created out of Franklin twp.

Lake twp. was created out of Clay twp. These boundaries remain to this day


Township Abbreviations
Cl - Clay La - Lake Ti - Tippecanoe
Et - Etna Mo - Monroe TC - Turkey Creek
Fr - Franklin Pl - Plain VB - Van Buren
Ha - Harrison Pr - Prairie Wa - Wayne
Ja - Jackson Sc - Scott Wn - Washington
Je - Jefferson Se - Seward    

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