Kosciusko County, Indiana

Index to Marriages 1850 - 1874

A to Bar Bas to Bow Boy to Car Cas to Cro
Cru to Eat Ebe to Ful Fun to Hai Hal to Hil
Him to Jef Jen to Koo Kra to Map Mar to Mie
Mil to Nol Nor to Pyl Qua to Run Rup to Sip
Sis to Sti Sto to Uls Umb to Whi Wic to Zoo

9,918 individuals are listed for 4,959 marriages.

The transcription of the Marriage Records for Books 1, 2 and 3 has been completely redone, correcting many errors and adding nearly 150 marriages that were not in the original transcription. If you reviewed these records prior to 6 October 2000, I urge you to go back through them.

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Updated 6 October 2000
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