Kosciusko County, Indiana

Index to Marriages 1875 - 1899

A to Bak Bal to Bin Bir to Bre
Bri to Car Cas to Cop Cor to Dee
Def to Elb Eld to Foo For to Gna
Gob to Hal Ham to Hef Hei to Hon
Hoo to Jin Joh to Kip Kir to Leh
Lei to Map Mar to Mes Met to Moo
Mor to Ort Osb to Poo Pop to Ric
Rid to San Sar to Sho Shr to Spe
Spi to Swe Swi to Uls Ums to Weh
Wei to Woh Woo through Z  

14,294 individuals are listed for 7,147 marriages.
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