Bedford Weekly
August 16, 1901
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While John Krenke and Charlie Metz were driving in from the river where they had been fishing Tuesday evening, their buggy came near colliding with another buggy driven by a farmer who was in a hurry to get home, at 16th and H streets. Metz jumped out of the buggy and struck his mouth on the top of the wheel of the other vehicle, his left leg getting under or through the spokes of the wheel. Both bones of the leg were obliquely fractured just above the ankle, and three teeth were knocked loose. Metz is doing well today but will be laid up for a long time. The name of the farmer who caused the trouble could not be learned. Krenke's buggy was tipped over and the horse thrown, but no great damage was done to either.

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Attorney A. W. Jones of Mitchell has secured an increase of pension in favor of A. J. Hayward of Bedford from $8 to $12 per month.


W. A. Mitchell left for Ashland, Wisconsin, Thursday to visit his wife and daughter, Tryphenia. Miss Tryphenia has a position as chief librarian in the library at that place.


Willis S. Richey has received from Gov. Durbin his commission as notary public. He is also building up a good business in fire and life insurance and real estate.


William Ross of Westport was in the city on his way to Bloomington to see his son, William Ross, Jr., who was seriously injured by an accident at one of the quarries at that place a few days ago.


The architectural designs that have just been approved by the West Baden Springs Company for the new hotel are the work of Harrison Albright, a widely known architect of Charleston, W. Va. When submitted by the latter, the plans met with the approval of the lessees of the property at West Baden, and it is now stated that work upon the new hotel will be pushed rapidly ahead with a view of having the new building opened by the first of next March.

According to the plans, the new building with its outside improvements will cost $1,000,000 and will be entirely fireproof as well as one of the most commodious structures in the country. The exterior of the building will be of Moorish design and is to be finished in buff brick and trimmed in terra cotta. The new building is to be five stories high and will cover a space of 300 by 600 feet, in addition to which will be the immense lawn space reserved for the grounds.

On the interior, however, the greatest effort to make the hotel one of the striking ones of the country is to be made. The rotunda, running up to the height of the entire building, will make every room in the hotel an outside one as individual balconies will lead from the guest room and face into the atrium. The glass dome which is to be the roof of this will be the largest of its kind in America, as it will be 200 feet in diameter thus exceeding by 40 feet the stretch of glass roof over the dome of the famous Horticultural Hall of the World's Fair at Chicago which was said to be the biggest thing of the kind ever built up to that time.

There are to be 600 guest chambers in the new hotel, each and every one being a separate apartment with bathroom attached, the intention of the builders being to make the new hotel complete in every essential feature—one of the grandest buildings of the kind to be found at any health resort in the world.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.

Webmaster note — Although the West Baden Springs Hotel described above is located a few miles over the county line in Orange county, Indiana, the story of its building is included in this Lawrence county site because of the impact its existence undoubtedly had on the life and economy of Lawrence county.