Bloomington (IN) Telephone
October 17, 1907
page 4

The item below was abbreviated from the original because the end was inadvertently omitted at the time it was copied from microfilm.


Moses F. Dunn of Bedford has filed suit against the City of Bloomington and the common council in the circuit court complaining against the $1,800 awarded him for his real estate used by the city in the extension of Indiana Avenue from 9th to 10th streets. He claims that the real estate taken was worth at least $3,000. It is 60 feet wide by 400 feet long and is enough, the plaintiff says, to make two lots [illegible] by 200, facing 9th and 10th streets.

Mr. Dunn says he has remonstrated against the assessment roll before the council and that his remonstrance has been ignored. He declares that the extension of Indiana Avenue through his estate divided the land into two tracts, the one on the west being the smaller; that he has been using the tract for farming and grazing and that since there is a good spring on the west tract, and it is the only available one for the pasture, he is damaged $2,000 by the street that cuts off the strips of land and the spring.

He says the proceedings of the council are "illegal, invalid, unconstitutional and wholly without warrant or law." The city, he asserts, is acting in an unconstitutional manner.

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