Bedford Daily Mail
May 9, 1911
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Mrs. Nancy E. Mathis Died at Her Home Near Leesville Sunday Morning Following Stroke

Mrs. Nancy E. Mathis, aged 73, wife of Matthew Mathis residing ten miles east of this city, died Sunday morning at 7:30 o'clock following a stroke of paralysis.

She had resided in the county for years and was well known. She is survived by the husband and three children, two sons, Hiram A. and John W., and one daughter, Mrs. Mary Speer. A brother Richard E. Plummer, resides at Leesville.

The funeral services were conducted this afternoon from the Leesville Church by Rev. Norman of Tunnelton. Burial was at the Allen Cemetery.


Mrs. E. T. Clark and Mrs. Frank Ferguson, who have been visiting their sisters, Mrs. C. H. Emery and Mrs. J. W. Trainor for some time, will leave tomorrow morning for Mrs. Clark's home at Defiance, Ohio. Mrs. Ferguson will be the guest of her sister for several weeks before returning to her home at Los Angeles, Cal.



Swift Justice Meted Out to Frank Huff, Former Bedford Man, at Terre Haute for Repulsive Outrages

Several Little Girls Victims

Frank M. Huff, formerly of tis city, was given a life sentence in the Vigo circuit court at Terre Haute yesterday evening following his plea of guilty to the charge of misconduct toward little girls. The crimes of Huff, who was employed as janitor of a Terre Haute church, are particularly revolting and, because of the stigma that publicity would cause, the names of the four or five little victims of the fiend's outrages have been kept a secret.

Huff was arrested Saturday morning and lodged in jail. Saturday afternoon he was given a preliminary hearing in the Terre Haute police court and bound over to the grand jury that was to have convened Wednesday. When the news of the arrest was made public and some of the details of the crime became known, it caused quite a stir in the city.

It was first decided to call the grand jury together for Wednesday, and Huff was returned to jail. Public sentiment became so strong against the prisoner Sunday that it was decided to hurry up the case and an automobile was used to gather up the grand jury. Following the indictment which was returned Monday afternoon, Huff appeared before the judge of the Vigo County court and entered a plea of guilty to the charge of rape. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in the Michigan City prison and was taken immediately to the institution to begin his sentence.

Huff, until about three years ago, resided in this city. He has had a varied career and appeared unable to keep out of trouble. He was sent up from this county once for a short term for larceny and again from some other part of the state on the same charge. It is also understood that he served a sentence in an Alabama prison.

During his residence in this city, he worked for the greater part of the time as a stone mason and was considered industrious and a good worker. During the Shafer investigation, Huff's name was connected with the murder and while never under arrest, he was brought before the investigating committee and closely questioned. It developed at the investigation that Huff's wife had tipped off the information to the committee. He was brought before the committee but nothing could be learned about the murder of the Latin teacher from the man.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.