Bloomington (IN) Telephone
January 14, 1913
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Oolitic Physician Goes Under Cars

Dr. A. W. Dierking, formerly of Oolitic but who had been making his home with his sister, Mrs. Joseph Ewing of New Albany, for the last two months, was instantly killed at New Albany Saturday night by Monon train No. 5.

Dr. Dierking's body was almost cut in two by the train. One arm was crushed off and there was a bruised place on the face.

The physician had been visiting relatives in Bedford and Oolitic and was returning to the home of his sister when the fatal accident occurred. He boarded Monon train No. 5 in Bedford Saturday night and alighted at the North Y at New Albany as had been his custom.

By alighting at the North Y when the train makes a momentary stop for orders, the physician could save some time by walking through the yards instead of going downtown and taking a car. While no one saw the accident, it is supposed that after he had alighted he found that the night was so dark and the rain falling so steadily that he decided to again board the train.

The body was found by a negro near his traveling bag and cane. The colored man happened to be passing down the track when he saw the mutilated body. He rushed over to a restaurant that was near and told of the accident. Several about the place hurried to the scene and there were some among the number who recognized the features of the doctor.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.