Bedford Daily Mail
July 1, 1921
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Winfred Quackenbush Victim of Painful Accident at Gilberson

Winfred Quackenbush suffered a broken arm at Giberson plant at Eureka yesterday while grinding tools. The arm was caught in a belt and was broken just above the wrist. He was taken to the home of his sister, Mrs. Jesse Pace. Dr. R. B. Short reduced the fracture.



Of Stephen Fountain Placed on Record in Clerk's Office Today

The last will of Stephen Fountain, dated May 7, 1920, and witnessed by William F. Owen and Ruth H. Sherwood, was placed on record in the office of the county clerk today.

The first item provides that all debts be paid.

The sum of $1,000 is given to the Liberty Church in the second item.

One thousand dollars was given to the Creek Church of Regular Baptist.

Item four gives Pearl Morman [sic] $500.

Item five provides that all the remaining property be divided share and share alike between his children: Andrew S. Fountain, James W. Fountain, Mary E. Hall, Jason C. Fountain, Laura A. Larhan and Sarah Belle Norman.

Two sons, Andrew S. Fountain and Jason C. Fountain are appointed joint executors with instructions to employ W. E. Clark as attorney to settle up the estate.

The deceased recently divided up about $70,000 among his children.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.