Bloomington (IN) Daily Telephone
September 25, 1922
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Little city Aghast at Killing In Front of Picture Show – Alleged Murderers at Large and Posse after Them.

(Special to Bloomington Telephone) Bedford, Ind., September 25 – Oolitic, four miles north of this city, is aghast over the spirit of lawlessness that was unleashed there last night when P. F. Bough, deputy marshal, was slain in front of the motion picture theater while attempting to place John Abner, 22 years old, and Lloyd Cobb, 20 years old, under arrest for obstructing the sidewalk and causing a disturbance with vile talk.

While Bough was grappling with Cobb, he was shot by Abner. He turned to clinch Abner who pressed a revolver in Bough's back and shot three times. A crowd was on the streets. Spectators say they were powerless to interfere as guns were flashed.

Abner is a Kentuckian, having come here several months ago to seek employment in the Hoosier mill. Cobb is the son of Robert Cobb who came to Oolitic several years ago from Kentucky.

Bough was head hooker in the Hoosier mill. He was a prominent member of the Oolitic Knights of Pythias and the Stone City Aerie, Fraternal Order of Eagles. He is survived by the widow, two sons and three brothers, Louis and Everett Bough of this place and John Bough of Indianapolis.

Abner and Cobb are still at large with a posse searching for them.

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First Step is Taken in Federal Prosecution of Men alleged to Have Seized and Whitecapped Strike Breakers

The first broad step taken in the federal prosecution of twelve Bedford young men alleged to have figured in the strike violence outbreak there of Saturday night, September 9th, which resulted in the kidnapping and whipping of Ralph Jackson and Oral Gipson, Hamilton County young men who at the time were employed in the local shops of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul, occurred Friday in Indianapolis when District Attorney Elliott filed criminal court proceedings against Ralph Richards, Albert Richards, William Lytton, Henry Bishop, Louis Hennecheck, Ralph Henderson, William Hartman, Shelburn Quackenbush, Bernard Williams, William Fishback, Arthur Stipp and Harry Short.

The action followed a thorough investigation of the outbreak of violence by both federal and railroad authorities, and it is expected that federal warrants will be issued and served on the defendants above named early this week.

Lytton is said to have made a hurried getaway as soon as he learned that a federal investigation of the affair was to be made, and his whereabouts are unknown. Rumors have been heard that other members of [the] riot squad have also fled, but these are doubted by parties in close touch with the affair. When the case will be set for trial before Judge Anderson in Federal court at Indianapolis is not known.

A joint grand jury indictment returned at Bedford Thursday in circuit court against nine of the group included under the federal affidavits will necessitate their answering the local court later to the various charges brought against them through the indictment. This action will, of course, follow the federal prosecution and as to when it will take place will depend entirely on what punishment is meted out to the men by Judge Anderson.

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