Bedford Daily Mail
October 16, 1922

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John Butcher, 43 years old, wants his back pay for milking cows, cleaning house, cutting lumber, plowing, blacksmithing, feeding livestock and doing a few other tasks during the past 18 years on the farm of William Snoddy southwest of the city. In order to procure the $5,400 which he estimates is due him, he has brought suit against the Snoddy estate. The case came before the circuit court yesterday. Butcher's mother died when he was about three years old, and after nine years, during which he lived with various relatives, he was taken into the Snoddy home where he remained during the years of development into manhood.

When his benefactor died last July, no provision had been made for his years of service, although Butcher claimed that Snoddy had always promised he would remember him in his will. Butcher was awarded $2,280 on a compromise.

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