Bloomington (IN) Daily Telephone
April 29, 1936
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NOTE: According to the Monroe County (IN) Divorce Index, a divorce was granted to John M. Bottorff on October 6, 1936.


The divorce suit filed by John M. Bottorff against Rebecca F. Bottorff, and the cross complaint of the defendant, have been sent to this county on a change of venue from Lawrence County. The parties to the suit reside in Bedford, and Bottorff is a railroader.

The plaintiff alleges in his complaint that the defendant was jealous without cause and was quarrelsome. He is represented by Attorney Robert L. Mellen. In the cross complaint, the defendant asks $2,000 alimony setting forth that Bottorff earns from $140 to $160 per month as a railroader. She charges him with beating her and alleges that at one time he knocked her unconscious and left her in that condition. She also charges that he lived illegally with a woman named Margaret Dickenson. Mrs. Bottorff is represented by Boruff and Boruff.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.