Bloomington (IN) Telephone
June 1, 1929
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A. C. Dowling of Bedford yesterday afternoon entered a plea of guilty to the charge of issuing a fraudulent check for $15 to the Subway [difficult to read] Restaurant in this city and was given a term of 90 days at the penal farm. The judge, however, inserted a clause suspending 60 days of the time on the condition that he take up the check before the opening of the September term.

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The Johnson Creamery Company of this city has purchased the Wolcott Dairy of Bedford and this week took over its management. M. T. Pettijohn, who has been with the local company several years, will be plant superintendent at Bedford. He plans to move his family there soon. Mr. Pettijohn received his training in the manufacture of dairy products at Purdue University.

R. C. Taylor of Bedford will continue as general manager of the Bedford plant. The company will manufacture butter, ice cream, handle bottled milk and make other dairy products as they do at the Bloomington Plant.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.