Bloomington (IN) Republican Progress
May 11, 1887
page 2

Bedford, Ind., May 2 – William Evans, a young man 20 years old, accidentally killed Arthur Voss last night in Springville, a little town nine miles west of here. The facts are as follows: several of the boys started out after church to have a time by rocking the out houses of the citizens of the place.

William Evans was on his way home, and meeting two gentlemen on the street who were listening to the noise, he said to them: "I will go to the alley and fire my revolver off to scare them, and when they run by you can see who they are."

He went to the mouth of the alley and fired his revolver four times, after which he returned to the men on the street and said "They all ran but one."

It was not long before his brother came running up and said, "You killed Arthur Voss."

Evans became wild with grief and the revolver had to be taken away from him to keep him from killing himself.

Voss is 22 years old and was the boon companion of the man who killed him. The coroner's verdict was in accordance with the above facts.

Typed and donated by Chuck Carey.

Webmaster note: "Arthur" Voss' first name sometimes appears as "Othraiel", as in the 1880 census, or "Otherl" as in the 1870 census. He was enumerated in Perry township in both censuses with his parents, Lorenzo and Elvira Voss. A 14-year-old William I. Evans, the oldest child of Alexander and Martha Evans, was listed in the first page of Springville's inhabitants in 1880, four pages away from Othraiel Voss' family.