Bedford High School

Lawrence County, Indiana

Principal: Merle J. Abbett
Superintendent: E. W. Montgomery


Miss Georgie Mitchusson - - - - - English
Miss Clara Friedley - - - - - History
Miss Helen Cauble - - - - - French
Miss Vinnie Denny - - - - - Mathematics
Mr. Jasper P. Scott - - - - - Science
Miss Florence Talburt - - - - - Latin
Miss Frances Durrenberger - - - - - Botany
Miss Ethel Ellis - - - - - Art
Miss Esther Carlos - - - - - Commercial
Mr. Forrest Ragsdale - - - - - Mathematics
Miss Cora Small - - - - - Music
Miss Mary Lodge - - - - - Latin
Miss Mary Williams - - - - - Sewing
Miss Ilene Mitchell - - - - - Physical Training
Mr. Everett Vanwinkle - - - - - Manual Training
Miss Maurine Lappin - - - - - Cooking
Miss Fern Fields - - - - - English

"The Pioneer"
The Senior Class of 1920


President - - - - - - - - - - - - Fred Callahan
Vice - President - - - - - Maurice Radcliffe
Secretary - - - - - - - - - - - Nellie Mitchell
Treasurer - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Sally Miller
Sponsor - - - - - - - - - Miss Clara Friedley

Flower, White Rose
Colors, Green and White
Motto, "Come on Brother"


Allen, Catherine
Armstrong, Leland
Bailey, Harlan
Bauer, Anna
Callahan, Fred
Child, Ruby
Clampitt, Dora
Collins, Pearl
Cook, John
Corps, Hubert
Crowe, Stanley
Daggy, Harold
Dausch, Hedwig
Dillman, Ethel
Donovan, Richard
Fines, Joseph
Fitzgibbon, Virginia
Flynn, George
Gernhardt, Henry
Gunn, Helen
Hatfield, Howard
Hawkins, Carl
Hitchcock, Samuel
Hudson, Inez
Lanz, Mary
Laughlin, Harold
Maddox, Hazel
Malott, Edith
McDowell, Osie
Mercier, Frances
Miller, Esther
Miller, Sally
Mitchell, Nellie
Mitchell, Thelma
Ody, Luther
Owens, George
Potter, John
Quackenbush, Eulalia
Quackenbush, Ruth
Radcliffe, Maurice
Ramage, La Verne
Reath, Marguerite
Robertson, Winfred
Schmidt, Christina
Scoggan, William
Seletz, Jeanette
Stalker, John
Stephenson, Fay
Still, Emma
Stipp, Myra
Toole, Manley
Voyles, William
Waddell, Greeta
Wallner, Charles
Wilking, Clyde

History of the Class of 1920

In February, 1916, forty-two lads and lassies entered the doors of Bedford High School. In the fall, they were followed by seventy-seven more, who complete the Freshmen group. Everyone marveled at the ability and the courage displayed by these students, for they did not wait until they became upper-classmen, but immediately joined the organizations in which they were most interested.

During the first year, the angel of death entered our class and took one of its most eminent members, Helen Clare Hendricks; although she is gone, the memory of her sweet and lovable character will linger always.

The first year having passed quickly, we became Sophmores. Displaying the same spirit that had made us famous as Freshmen, we produced leaders in the Debating and the Glee Clubs. We were participants in every movement for a "bigger and better B.H.S." It was admitted throughout the school that never before had so fine a spirit been evidenced by lower classmen.

As it is the ambition of every student to become a Junior, in the fall of '18 we felt very proud. We organized earlier than had been the custom of most classes, with Stanley Crowe as president; Nellie Mitchell, vice president; Samuel Hitchcock, secretary and LaVerne Ramage, treasurer. We chose pink rose as our flower, but later we decided to use the school colors, red and white for decoration.

We began our entertainment of the Seniors with an old fashioned fair, which was followed by a wiener roast and later a banquet.

During our Junior year, a great honor came to us, as one of our members, Jeanette Seletz, tied for first place in the State Discussion Contest.

Now we have reached the pinnacle of learning in B. H. S., for we are in our Senior year, the happiest yet the saddest of all.

On Monday, September 23d, we organized by electing Fred Callahan, a World War Veteran, as president; Maurice Radcliffe, vice-president; Nellie Mitchell, secretary and Sallie Miller, treasurer. Since that organization, countless numbers of honors have been brought to B. H. S. by members of this class. Three of the boys were on the team that won the sectional, went to state, defeated Lebanon and Gary and were downed only by the State Champions. Although as far as the score is concerned, we did not win the state, but we gained something even finer, for Harold Laughlin was awarded the Gimble prize for best sportmanship and mental attitude of any player on the floor. From a thousand men Stanley Crowe was chosen as the best floor guard in the state.

Jeanette is to represent us again in Discussion contest, and she will, we feel confident, repeat her success of last year.

A number of our group have sought other fields of endeavor, for out of the one hundred nineteen, who entered high school, there are only fifty six remaining. Probably a more remarkable fact is that Inez Hudson, Catherine Allen, Nellie Mitchell, Howard Hatfield, and Helen Gunn are the only five who started in the primary twelve years ago.

After a few short weeks we shall be seen no more in B. H. S. We are going out into the world to meet problems of even greater stress, always keeping in mind the lessons we have learned in Bedford High School, and that significant motto, "Vincit qui se vincit."

Helen E. Gunn