Bedford High School

Lawrence County, Indiana

Principal: R. B. Julian
Superintendent: Merle J. Abbett


Miss Georgie Mitchusson - - - - - English
Miss Clara Friedley - - - - - History
Mr. I. Maurice McFadden - - - - - History
Miss Marguerite Stockberger - - - - - History
Mr. J. Emil Held - - - - - History
Miss Ines Painter - - - - - Latin
Miss Gladys Roberts - - - - - Latin
Miss Ilene Malott - - - - - Latin
Miss Rose Mary Dodt - - - - - Commerce
Miss Aileen McGinnis - - - - - Cooking
Mr. Walter Stuckey - - - - - Manual Training
Mr. Joseph Cezar - - - - - Stone Work
Miss Geraldine Stockberger - - - - - Commerce
Miss Ellen Teare - - - - - Sewing
Miss Helen Gunn - - - - - English
Miss Helen Woolery - - - - - English
Miss Imogene Chase - - - - - English
Mr. Paul Pflasterer - - - - - English
Miss Belva Newsom - - - - - English
Miss Mable Brooks - - - - - Mathematics

Mr. A. W. Turmail - - - - - Mathematics
Miss Marjorie Priest - - - - - Mathematics
Miss Lois Marshall - - - - - Art
Mr. Charles Ivey - - - - - Physical Education
Miss Frances Durrenberger - - - - - Botany
Mr. George Banta - - - - - Chemistry, Physics
Miss Helen Carlton - - - - - Physical Education
Miss Gladys Kellams - - - - -Music
Miss Chlotiel Bixler - - - - - Music
Miss Lora Held - - - - - Science

"The Pioneer"
The Senior Class of 1928


President - - - - - - - - - - - - - John Plummer
Vice - President - - - - - - - Howard Hoover
Secretary - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Ruth Pitman
Treasurer - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Dick Fish
Sponsor - - - - - - Miss Georgie Mitchusson


Akles, Leon
Alberts, Ellen
Allen, Ruby
Ambler, Benjamin
Anderson, Arthur
Apple, Alfred C.
Askew, James
Bailey, John
Banks, Paul
Becker, William C
Bell, Alma
Bevers, Alvin
Bianco, Tina Del
Bivins, Lorene
Blackwell, Freeda G.
Bodenhamer, Ruby
Book, Ruby Elizabeth
Boruff, Frances
Branaman, Rholand
Brown, Margie
Bullock, James
Buretta, Bruno
Butterfield, Anna
Bye, Helen Louise
Byers, Bracel
Capshaw, Beulah
Carter, Curtis R
Clark, Charles
Clark, Cletus
Clark, William
Clarke, Cora A
Cogswell, Cleon R
Collins, Clyde
Conklin, L. Stone
Cooper, Geraldine
Coyle, Delilah
Craig, Glen E.
Craig, Orgel M
Criswell, Marjorie
Criswell, Wayne
Denham, Alice M
Dodd, Catherine
Dodd, Gwladys Lucille
Duncan, Marian
Duncan, Nancy Ann
Eastridge, Ralph
Edler, Helen
Fender, Wayne
Fish, Dick
Fitzgibbons, Blanche
Fletcher, Fred L.
Ford, Dorothy
Furman, Bryan
Gardner, Rose
Gennett, Grace
Giles, Ralph Mason
Godsey, Edwin
Grafton, Oran
Graham, Helen F
Greene, Mary Jo
Griggs, Harley
Guthrie, Lucille
Hall, Robert E.
Hartman, Charles
Hawkins, Gordon
Hawkins, Mary
Heitger, Helen M
Hirscher, Evelyn
Holt, Russell Lowell
Hoopingarner, Virginia
Hoover, Howard N
Hornback, Eva
Jackson, Helen
Jacobs, Jessie Frances
Jeffs, Louise
Johnson, Clifford H
Johnson, Pauline J
Kimbrell, Mary
Klein, Arthur
Koontz, Emma H
Kruchten, Helen E.
Kruchten, Isabelle
Kursner, Emily R
Lenz, Charles
Lessig, Mary
Lewis, Fleny
Lively, Helen
Lively, Joy
Lovell, Albert
Mahan, Glen
Mann, Frances R
Martin, Athan
Mattingly, Alice Ben
McAfee, Virginia
McCormick, Billy
McCracken, Alice
McCracken, Stanley
McFadden, James
McHolland, John
McMann, Agnes
McPike, Olin
McWilliams, Paul
Meadows, Eithel
Meadows, Hazel Earvin
Meizler, Theodore
Menaugh, Louise
Mitchell, Georgia
Mitchell, Irene
Mitchell, Sylvester
Moon, Ralph E.
Myers, Earl
Nordberg, Bernard
O'Brien, Mae
Owens, Dale
Owens, Daniel
Pace, Irene Frances
Pattison, Ethel
Pauch, Charles
Pentzer, Theodore
Pettit, Charlotte
Pitman, Ruth
Pless, Mary Edith
Plummer, John
Potter, Nadine
Rainbolt, Carl
Raum, Geneva
Richardson, William
Roach, Chester
Rodler, Julia
Rutherford, Jeanette
Scherschel, Catherine
Schooley, Fred
Scott, Kenneth
Sears, Kent
Sears, Robert
Sims, Ople
Skinner, Genevieve C
Smith, Alah
Smith, Francis
Smith, Kenneth
Smith, Robert
Stephens, Lucille
Tatom, Dorothy
Tatom, James
Thralls, Edith
Tincher, Lorena
Todd, Gertrude
Todd, Warren
Tofaute, Mary Kathryn
Tovey, Carl R
Turner, Morrell
Williams, Maye N
Wilson, James
Wilson, Raymond
Wright, Evelyn Lucille

Senior Class History 1928

Four long, and yet four short years ago, the majority of us, the Class of '28, entered the portals of B. H. S. as Freshmen. Perhaps, we were best recognized then, by our unlimited ability to ask questions.

Even so, our orators launched forth in their oratorical careers; John Plummer as Public Discussion representative and both he and Geneva Raum as subs in Varsity Debating.

All too soon, the year ended, and we in turn called the new entrants Freshies. That year preparations to fathom the depths of Latin contests, Athletics, Dramatics and Oratory began.

Carl Tovey came to the assistance of John and Geneva in Debating, while John distinguished himself as both South Central and Public Discussion representative.

Carl Rainbolt began his work on the "mat", and Irene Mitchell probed deeper into the "dead language" and made a name for herself in the contests.

But alas, that year, too, passed.

Vacation time whirled by and we entered that year of Work, Work, Work. We were Juniors! I and all that the name implies. Most important was that day, that never-to-be-forgotten day when we organized and selected Miss Florence Emery to guide us in our good times. A few days later Cleon Cogswell was elected to the office of President; Dick Fish, Vice President; Ruth Pitman, Secretary and John McGannon, who has foresaken us, Treasurer. Our class flowers were sweet peas and our colors, orchid and silver.

The main events of the year were our Junior Party at Tarry Park, where the girls showed the boys how to play baseball and the Junior-Senior Banquet at the Greystone.

That year we boasted Carl Rainbolt in Wrestling, Bryan Furman as the Public Discussion representative, Kathryn Tofaute and John Plummer South Central Contestants, Geneva Raum on the Girl's Debate team and Artie Klein apd Robert Sears on the Basketball team.

Wayne Criswell specialized in Track, and to the Varsity Debate team were added James McFadden and Cleon Cogswell.

Another year rolled by and last September we entered Bedford High School as illustrious, intelligent, dignified and all-important Seniors.

Class organization occurred during the early part of the school year, at which time we chose Miss Georgia Mitchusson for Sponsor. Our class leaders are John Plummer, President; Howard Hoover, Vice President; Ruth Pitman, Secretary and Dick Fish, Treasurer.

The next thing to occupy our minds was jewelry; then pictures. The first attempt in the field of money-making was a stand at the Lawrence County Fair, where all kinds of "eats" were sold.

Other than that, the Seniors took care of a stand at the Industrial League games and one at the Sectional Tournament.

The participation in the various activities this year is worthy of the highest kind of praise.

Our Wrestling team boasts Carl Rainbolt, Olin McPike and William Clark. Helen Kruchten and Geneva Raum partially compose the Girls' Debate team, while Carl Tovey, James Mc Fadden, John Plummer, Bryan Furman and Geneva Raum are on the Varsity team. Frances Mann is Editor of this book; Ruth Pitman, Editor of the "Student"; and Kathryn Tofaute, Editor of the Handbook published this year.

In dramatics the Class of '28 has predominated. We are especially proud of Helen Graham, James Bullock, Kathryn Tofaute, John Plummer, Nancy Duncan, Billy McCormick and James Mcfadden. James Bullock is an adorable lover and Jimmie Mcfadden and John Plummer will in all probability be careful of widows.

James McFadden and Helen Graham were County and District representatives in the Lincoln Oratorical Contest, and Kathryn Tofaute went to the State in the "Way to Peace" Contest. John Plummer served again as Discussion contestant for B.H.S.

Last but not least are our athletes. In this field praise must be extended to Theodore Pentzer, Robert Sears and Arthur Klein. Wayne Criswell is Captain of this year's Track team.

Now, diplomas in hand we are ready to start on that long, long journey of Life. Some of us will in all probability go to college while others of us will take up directly our chosen life work.

With all sorts of pleasant memories we look back over our high school days, but more important to us now is that which the mysterious Future holds in store for us.


Senior Statistics

Most Modest - Catherine Schershel
Most Popular - Richard Fish
Best Sport - Arthur Klein
Flapper - Erma Koontz
Worst Heart Breaker - Bryan Furman
Biggest Wind Jammer - Alice McCracken
Wittiest - Harley Grig
Most Stubborn - Mary Lessig
Most Indifferent - Cleon Cogswell
Friendliest - Howard Hoover
Prettiest Girl - Geraldine Cooper
Handsomest Boy - James Bullock
Best Student - Ruth Pitman
Giggler - Alma Bell
Man Hater - Helen Heitger
Busiest - Kenneth Smith
Most Brunette - Helen Jackson
Most Blonde - Kent Sears
Paderewski - Jeanette Rutherford
Long Haired - Ruby Allen, Grace Gennett, Pauline Johnson, Lucille Stephens
Curly Haired - Curtis Carter, Edith Pless
History Sharks - Kathryn Tofaute, Clifford Johnson, Agnes McCann
Peppiest - Eva Hornback
Most Sentimental - Nancy Duncan
The Midgets - Mary Jo Greene, Cora Clark, Harley Griggs
The Artists - Bernard Norberg, Marjorie Criswell
The Tallest - Ted Pentzer
Most Dignified - Morell Turner
Happiest - Ethel Pattison
Best Cooks - Anna Butterfield, Catherine Dodd
Woman Hater - Lowell Holt
Latin Sharks - Irene Mitchell, Carl Tovey
The Nicest - Frances Mann
Music Master - Daniel Owens
The Bossiest - Virginia Hoopingarner
The Orator - John Plummer
Most Likable - Nadine Potter
Cartoonist - Leon Akles
Most Versatile - Joy Lively