History of Lawrence County, Indiana

Transcribed passages are from the following book:
History of Lawrence and Monroe Counties Indiana
1914 B. F. Bowen & Co. Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana


Due to its location, being near to the older settlements in the southern part of the state, and on the early roads to the north, also its place on the river which was a much traveled highway, the township has always claimed the first white settlement of the county. William Wright made the first land entry in the county on September 22, 1813... Other entries up to and including the year 1820 were the following persons: Henry Fulton, Sept. 1817: Cuthbert and Thomas Bullitt, Sept 1820: J. Hikes 1820: Richard C. Anderson 1820: John Edwards 1820: Edward Johnson 1820: Clark Hoggatt and Kitchell 1818: Thomas Blank 1819: Samuel Brown 1816: John Brown 1820: John Hammerlsy, 1818: Thomas Jolly 1820: David Green 1818: Conrad Grass 1818: Solomon Fitzpatrick 1819: David Hummel 1818: Asher Wilson 1820: Elisha Simpson 1817: William Hoggatt 1818.

Bono township originally included a part of what is now Marion and Guthrie townships being one of the five original townships of the county... Robert Henderson was the first constable.

There is no doubt that Bono township was the scene of the second settlement in the county, Roderick Rawlins and his two nephews, James and Joseph settled in the spring of 1812 on a farm in section 22 later owned by William Turley and near the village of Scottville. These men were very prominent in the early development of the county and took active part in ranger warfare along the frontier.


Bono has the distinction of being the oldest town in Lawrence County, having settled in 1816. The town was laid out on April 4h and the proprieters were William Hoggatt, Marston G. Clark and Joseph Kitchell.


The village of Lawrenceport was laid out on May 17, 1837. The village is situated at the mouth of Fishing creek on White River.