Bloomington (IN) World Telephone
January 6, 1948
page 1

The case of Addie Neeld vs. the City of Bedford, for injuries received on a defective sidewalk, for which she got a verdict of $5,000 in this city last week, has been appealed to the Supreme Court by the city. A technicality in regard to liability will have to be decided by the higher court.


Bedford, Ind., Jan. 6–Within half an hour after 23-year-old Marvin G. Bough broke his leg while playing outdoor basketball with a group of companions, he was ready to resume the game.

The leg was an artificial one replacing the limb he lost when he stepped on a land mine in the Okinawa campaign in the Pacific. He had a spare handy.

The veteran plays baseball as well as basketball and is also a member of a bowling team.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.