Name It and Take It, Smithville, Indiana
July 2, 1897
page 4

NOTE: A book containing scanned copies of extant newspapers from Smithville, Indiana, is available at the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington, Indiana.


Two Lives Lost

A Brakeman Crippled for Life

The northbound local freight was wrecked on Horse Shoe Bend Tuesday evening by a broken wheel on a flat car causing 12 cars to be wrecked. A. L. Allen, head brakeman, was on top of the cars that were wrecked and was found unconscious among the cars with his arm and several ribs broken, (he) was taken at once by special train to (his) home in Bloomington. In further clearing the track, two tramps who were stealing a ride in a box loaded with crossties were mashed beyond recognition. Their names as per papers found on their persons: Reed, Owensburg, Ky., and Charles Brunner of Bedford. The cost to the R. R. Co. will be about $10,000.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.