Bloomington (IN) Weekly Star
February 7, 1920
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Trials of Alleged Confidence Trio End After Second Man is Tried

The jury brought in a verdict of guilty after three hours deliberation last night in the case of Mike Davich, the second of the alleged "bunco" men from Lawrence County. Final arguments were made late yesterday.

This case will wind up the trials of the tree men, for this term at least, according to the statement of Prosecutor East to The Weekly Star yesterday evening. The case of Joe Rukavina will be continued until later. Attorneys say there was a noticeable lack of evidence in the case of the state against the young men.

Sickness of Carl Rogers, one of the jurors, caused Judge Miers to discharge the jury after it had deliberated over 24 hours in the case of Mark Millich of Bedford, the first of three alleged conspirators who were charged with working a confidence game for $3,000 on Frank Doeson of Oolitic last summer. The case went to the jury Tuesday evening. Judge Miers stated that he would have asked to jury to continue its deliberation had it not been for the illness of Rogers who took sick with fever and congestion of one lung.

Bloomington (IN) Weekly Star
March 13, 1920
page 10


Mike Devish [consider Davich a spelling variant] of Lawrence County, recently convicted here of working a Bunco game on a merchant of Oolitic, has been taken to Jeffersonville prison to serve a sentence of from 2 to 10 years.

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