Jasper (MO) News
June 27, 1912
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The sudden passing away of I. M. Byers, formerly of Jasper, was mentioned last week in these columns, but further information at that time was not available.

Mr. Byers was a foreman in a packinghouse at Wichita and was on his way to work when he was stricken with heart disease and died almost instantly. He left a widow and seven children. He was born in Lawrence County, Indiana, in 1866 and came to Missouri in his boyhood with his parents.

His parents, I. Y. Byers and wife and his brother and sister, Jake Byers and Mrs. Preston Roberts of Jasper, and Mrs. Cherry of Carthage, another sister, attended the funeral that took place at Wichita. Mrs. Elliott, another sister who lives in Iowa, was not present at the funeral.

Deceased and his family have many friends in this section of Missouri who learn with sorrow of Mr. Byers' sudden demise.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.