Bloomington (IN) Weekly Courier
May 26, 1911
page 2


The home of Robert Craig, a recently deceased eccentric, at Bedford, was searched today and large quantities of gold and bills of various denominations were found. Practically everywhere the searchers looked they found money, gold pieces of the coinage of fifty years ago and "shin plasters"1 being found in old clothes. More than $1,200 of good United States money was in the collection, and was deposited in the bank at Bedford by Calvin Armstrong, the man's son-in-law. Although not yet through with the search, more than $2,000 of foreign coins and bank notes of the issue of war times has been found.

1 According to Wikipedia, "Shinplaster was a common name for paper money of low denomination circulating widely in the frontier economies of the 19th century. These notes were in various places issued by banks, merchants, wealthy individuals and associations, either as banknotes, or circulating IOUs..."

Typed and donated by Connie Shotts, CG.