Bloomington (IN) Weekly Courier
January 19, 1912
page 1

NOTE: The item below was abbreviated from the original as noted by the ellipsis.


Strangers Found in Campbell Co. Store and are Jailed

Henry Wilson and Fred Lewis, two negroes who broke into the Campbell & Co. department store at an early hour this morning, were captured at about 1:30 by night officers Hugh Hinkle and Charles Stevens and are now in jail awaiting arraignment before Judge Wilson. The negroes have been here for several days, but it is said that one is from Bedford and the other from Louisville. Wilson, a small sized man, is a cripple and walks with a crutch. Lewis is a giant and was not taken into custody until after Officer Hinkle had fired a shot at his legs.

The discovery that the darkies were in the Campbell store was made by Officer Hinkle. Just as Stevens reached the (front) door, the largest darkey had opened it to come out. Stevens flashed his dark lantern on him whereupon the negro quickly shut the door and ran back through the store leaving the door unlocked.

The officer opened the door and followed the man and, in the meantime, Officer Hinkle was crawling in the opening at the rear. The negro that walked with the crutch started to dash out the alley and Hinkle commanded him to stop. The officer could not see the darkey very plainly and took his crutch for a gun or club. Hinkle held on to his man and called to Wes Back to notify some of the boys at the fire department to come and assist in catching the other negro.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.