Jackson (MI) Citizen
March 8, 1901
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Bedford, Indiana, Woman Points Out a Terre Haute Citizen as Fellow Who Deserted Her

Terre Haute, Ind., March 7 – Thomas Delahunt, agent for a brewing company, was pointed out to the sheriff at Bedford, Indiana, by Mrs. Papens, a young woman who said he was her husband who deserted her two years ago.

It so happened that Mrs. Papen's divorce suit was set for trial at about the hour Delahunt stepped from the train in the Bedford station and she was there to see if her husband arrived in response to notice of the suit. Delahunt noticed her staring at him.

When Delahunt reached his hotel, the sheriff appeared, then the young woman and her father. Mrs. Papens insisted Delahunt was the man who deserted her after two weeks of married life but then became doubtful. She and her father stepped out for consultation and the sheriff followed, whereupon Delahunt slipped away to the station and caught a train out of town.

Delahunt came here a few years ago from Milwaukee and was married in that city two years.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.