Pittsburg (PA) Morning Post
October 16, 1850
page 2


From the following paragraph in the Salem (IN) News of the 8th inst., one would suppose that the "point of honor" is to be settled by lead in Indiana as well as Kentucky. Both parties should be arrested and severely punished for their disobedience of the law:

We deeply regret to learn from the Bloomington (Indiana) Reporter of Saturday last, and also from a friend of that place on Sunday, that James Hughes, Esq., of Bloomington has challenged the Hon. George G. Dunn of Bedford to mortal combat and that Mr. D. has accepted the challenge. The meeting is to take place in Kentucky but at what time we are not informed. The difficulty grew out of a law suit in Greene County in which they were engaged as attorneys. Mr. D. is now a member of the convention to revise our state constitution. We hope the difficulty may be settled without bloodshed.

Typed and donated by Randi Richardson.

Webmaster note: See also Dunn's 1857 obituary at this site, and George Grundy Dunn's Wikipedia article.