Bloomington (IN) Telephone
April 13, 1904
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[NOTE: The item below was abbreviated from the original as shown by the ellipsis.]


Edward Graves Killed Monday, Buried at Harrodsburg

The funeral of Edward Graves, who met death at Bedford Monday night while riding the pilot of the engine drawing the French Lick accommodation, was held this morning at Harrodsburg, and the body of the young man was laid in a grave alongside of the grave wherein the body of his father was placed Monday afternoon. A large crowd of acquaintances and boyhood friends attended the services that were in charge of Rev. Bair at the Methodist Church. Mrs. Graves, who has buried a husband and son inside of three days, is bearing up well under the double bereavement.


Of the death of Edward Graves, the Bedford Mail says: "The exact way in which the man met his death can only be surmised as no one saw the accident and it was some time before the body was discovered. He was found laying at the north end of the coal chute with his skull horribly crushed, and it needed but a glance to tell that he was fatally injured. He had evidently either attempted to alight there from the French Lick train, which is due in this city about eight o'clock, or had lost his footing and fell."

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Word has been received here announcing the death his morning of Mrs. Charles Graham of Bedford. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon. Mrs. Graham is a first cousin of William Graham, East 7th Street.

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