Bloomington (IN) Evening World
July 2, 1903
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NOTE: The item below was abbreviated from the original as noted by the ellipsis.

$50,000 DAMAGES

Suit Filed by East & East for Miss Epsie George

Atty. Spencer B. Pugh of Bedford was in the city yesterday. Mr. Pugh has just had a damage suit for $50,000 filed against him for alleged breach of promise by Miss Epsie George of Bedford.The complaint is against Spencer Pugh, George W. McDaniel, William A. Brown, Vinson V. Williams, Frank Owens, trustee, Edmund Boruff, the Bedford National Bank, the Stone City Bank, the Midland Portland Cement Co., and the Capital National Bank of Indianapolis for $50,000.

The complaint recites that the plaintiff was possessed of U. S. bonds to the value of $60,000 which were deposited in the Bedford National Bank in the custody of William A. Brown, cashier. It is alleged in the complaint that Pugh, while her affianced husband and agent, was acting conspiring and confederating with McDaniel and Brown to gain possession of her bonds.

She was induced to buy $22,000 worth of the common stock of the cement company at par when, in fact, it had no market value, of which she was ignorant but which was at the time well known to the defendants. It is alleged in the complaint also that she was induced to buy a lot of property, the lots known as the Williams, Owen & McDaniel addition on representations made to her by Pugh and others of the defendants. That she was ignorant of the values of said property that were known by the defendants, particularly Pugh, McDaniel, Boruff, William, Brown and Owen.

It is stated in the complaint that the proceeds of such sales amounted to about $55,000 of which Pugh is stated to have received $15,000 to $18,000, was deposited in the Stone City Bank, the Bedford National Bank and the Capital Bank of Indianapolis, and the court is asked to declare a lien on all funds of said defendant in said banks, and judgment is asked for $50,000.

The banks are made parties to the suit merely in their capacity as custodians of the funds in question and not as interested parties.

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