Reading of the
Finger Cemetery
Marion Township, Lawrence County, IN
including relationship notes in parentheses added by
Mary Virginia Schilt Giera
obtained from family genealogical research.
Compiled from a reading done in 1968 by the Little Hoosiers from Stalker School, affiliated with the Indiana Junior Historical Society.

Eliza Brown
Wife of Kip Brown
Died April 27, 1862
Aged 67 years
Kip Brown
[calculated - Born June 30, 1796]
Died September 12, 1869
Aged 73 years, 2 months, 12 days

Elizabeth Chitty
Born 1847
Died 1930
(Elizabeth Crawford Chitty; daughter of James & Margaret (Dodd) Crawford)

James B. Chitty
Co. D
16 Indiana Infantry
(James Benjamin Chitty married Elizabeth Crawford November 10, 1864 Lawrence Co., IN)

Anna Crawford
Daughter of J.H. and M.H. Crawford
Died June 16, 1866
Aged 8 years
[daughter of James H. and Margaret H. (Dodd) Crawford]

James H. Crawford
Born November 15, 1822
Died December 13, 1903
Aged 81 years
[husband of Margaret H. (Dodd) Crawford married September 24, 1845 Lawrence Co., IN]
"History of Lawrence, Orange and Washington Co.'s, Indiana"
Goodspeed Bros. and Co., 1884
JAMES H. CRAWFORD was born in Orange County, N.C., November 16, 1822, the first of eight children born to SAMUEL and ELIZABETH (PICKARD) CRAWFORD, both natives of North Carolina, he born April 12, 1792 and died February 14, 1876; she born 1797 and died in 1860. They came to Indiana in 1833, settling upon a farm in Lawrence County, Ind. Subject was reared to farming and received an ordinary education. He first rented a farm and afterward bought a tract of land which he sold, and then farmed in various localities, buying and selling different farms. In 1874 he formed a co-partnership with JAMES H. BROWN, in Mitchell, which he disposed of after two years, but subsequently bought an interest for his son HENRY H. August 16, 1863, he enlisted in company H, One Hundred and Seventeenth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and was promoted to Second Lieutenant. He was mustered out February 24, 1864. In 1868 he was elected Justice of the Peace, and has served four terms. He was married September 25, 1845, to MARGARET H. DODD, daughter of GEORGE and ELIZABETH (BARNHILL) DODD, and born February 10, 1828. To this union have been born eight children, seven of whom are living: ELIZABETH, ALICE, JANE, HENRY H., CARRIE, ALBERT B. and LYMAN B. The deceased was ANNIE, who died in 1866. The family are all Presbyterians, Mr. Crawford being an Elder in the church for thirty years. He is a Republican.
Jane Crawford
Daughter of James and Margaret Crawford
Born 1853
Died 1920

Margaret Crawford
Wife of James H. Crawford
Born (Feb 10) 1828
Died 1920
(Margaret H. Dodd Crawford; daughter of George & Elizabeth (Barnhill) Dodd)

Alfred Dodd
Born March 5, 1870
Died September 28, 1876

Elizabeth Dodd
Wife of George Dodd
Died July 20, 1860
in the 72nd year of her age
(Elizabeth (Barnhill) Dodd)

Elizabeth Dodd
Daughter of Hugh & Jane P. Dodd
[calculated - Born July 17, 1850]
Died March 18, 1855
Aged 4 years 7 months 29 days

George Dodd
A native of the town of Kelsoe, Scotland, on the river Tweed & emigrated to America in 1794.  He was a pioneer of the west living in Kentucky for many years & finally moved to Lawrence County, Indiana where he died  February 8, 1842 in the 68th year of his age.
[Husband of Elizabeth (Barnhill) Dodd]

Hugh Dodd
Born May 28, 1812
Died Feb 23, 1859
[Husband of Jane P. (Crawford) Dodd married December 4, 1845 Lawrence Co., IN]

Jane Dodd
Daughter of Thomas & Susan Dodd
Born October 19, 1855
Died March 16, 1862

Jane Dodd
Daughter of G. & M.L. Dodd
Born March 14, 1872
Died October 6, 1876

Jane P. Dodd
Wife of Hugh Dodd
Born November 17, 1824
Died May 16, 1908
(Jane P. Crawford Dodd; daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth (Pickard) Crawford)

Julia Dodd
Wife of Theobald M. Sherlock
Born January 30, 1855
Died March 23, 1881
(married Nov 4, 1879 Lawrence Co., IN)

Martha Dodd
[see Martha Wilkerson]

William Dodd
Born April 4, 1811
Died September 5, 1866
[Husband of Zilpha (Selby) Dodd married Sep 3, 1840 Lawrence Co., IN]

Zilpha Dodd
Wife of William Dodd
Born March 22, 1821
Died November 21, 1898
(Zilpha Selby Dodd; daughter of George Selby)

John Finger
[Born August 2, 1779 in Lincoln Co, NC]
died June 4, 1852
Aged 72 years 10 months 2 days
[John H. Finger was husband of Mary “Mollie” (Troutman) Finger; parents of Catherine Finger Murray, the wife of Timothy Murray; parents of Mary Finger listed below]

Mary Finger
Daughter of J. H. Finger
[Born  May 28, 1821 in Marion Township, Lawrence County, Indiana]
Died October 30, 1824
Aged 3 years 5 months 2 days
[daughter of John H. and Mary “Mollie” (Troutman) Finger]

Nancy Finger
[see Nancy Pope]

Frank George
Born 1862
Died 1924

J. L. Henderson
Company E
136 Indiana Infantry
[This is probably Jordan Henderson]

Jordan Henderson
Born August 20, 1846
Died March 31, 1867
Aged 20 years 7 months 11 days

Julia Ann Horsley
Born May 10, 1788
Died August 31, 1839
Aged 5 years 2 months 24 days

Arthur Howell
Born June 28, 1822
Died August 24, 1903
[husband to Rebecca (Dodd) Howell married Feb 21, 1850 Lawrence Co., IN]

Rebecca Howell
wife of Arthur Howell
born March 5, 1818
died June 26, 1905
(Rebecca Dodd Howell)

Elizabeth Irwin
Born March 2, 1816
Died October 30, 1899
(Elizabeth Dodd Irwin; married William Irwin)

Emma Irwin
Wife of Hugh Irwin
Born October 8, 1836
Died December 8, 1860

Phil-tus Irwin
Company D
117 Indiana Infantry

Robert Ross Irwin
Infant son of T. & Mary F. Irwin
Born November 13, 1880
Died September 2, 1881

William Irwin
Born February 9, 1806
Died November 19, 1881

Jane Johnston
Born January 21, 1841
Died October 8, 1905

Cora E. Litton
Daughter of T.R. and L.R. Litton
Born March 22, 1870
Died July 12, 1886

Libbie R. Litton
[see Libbie Manington]
(Libbie R Henderson )

T. R. Litton
Born June 10 1844
Died August 15, 1879
[This is probably Thomas R. Litton listed below]

Thomas R. Litton
Company C
43 Indiana Infantry
(Thomas married Libbie R Henderson May 25, 1869 Lawrence Co., IN)

Libbie R. Litton Manington
Born October 28, 1850
Died June 30, 1905
(Libbie R. Henderson married 1st Thomas Litton May 25, 1869 Lawrence Co., IN; married 2nd John W. Mannington Dec 6, 1891 Lawrence Co., IN; Libbie, daughter of Thomas & Ann (Dodd) Henderson)

Sarah E. Mason
Daughter of G. & S. Mason
Born December 11, 1852
Died August 28, 1870

Charlotte T. McLean
Wife of John McLean
Born January 23, 1820
Died April 17, 1864
(Charlotte T. Dodd married John McLean Oct 12, 1843 Lawrence Co., IN)

Emmett B. Pope
Born 1858
Died 1932

Harling H. Pope
Born August 24, 1820
Died August 29, 1867 / 1869
[husband of Nancy (Finger) Pope married Oct 9, 1842 Lawrence Co., IN; son of Jasper and Rebecca (Pearsell) Pope; Nancy was daughter of John H. and Mary “Mollie” (Troutman) Finger]

Mary D. Pope
Daughter of J.W. and M.E. Pope
Born September 5, 1871
Died July 12, 1874
Aged 2 years 10 months 7 days
[daughter of John W. and Mary E. (Lemonds) Pope]

Mary E. Pope
Wife of John W. Pope
Born May 20, 1842
Died April 16, 1875
Aged 32 years 10 months 27 days
(Mary E. Lemonds married John W. Pope Nov 19, 1865 Lawrence Co., IN)

Nancy Pope
Wife of H. H. Pope
Born May 22, 1819
Died June 26, 1902
[daughter of John H. and Mary “Mollie” (Troutman) Finger, wife of Harling H. Pope]

Alexander Raeburn
Born 1870
Died 1932

Charles Raeburn
Born in Banffshire, Scotland June 4, 1843
Died February 8, 1912

[see Julia Dodd]

Andrew Stearns
Died March 23, 1862

Fannie Stearnes
Born April 8, 1869
Died July 7, 1903

Jaison Stearns
Private 122 Company
Coast Artillery
Born April 5, 1888
Died May 18, 1967

George H. Wilkerson
Born January 5, 1847
Died June 12, 1922
[husband of Martha (Dodd) Wilkerson married Jan 12, 1869 Lawrence Co., IN]

Hugh Wilkerson
Son of G. H. and M. Wilkerson
Born 1881
Died 1892
[son of George H. and Martha (Dodd) Wilkerson]

Martha Dodd Wilkerson
Born March 12, 1848
Died Feb 10, 1927
[wife of George H. Wilkerson]


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