History of Lawrence County, Indiana

Transcribed passages are from the following book:
History of Lawrence and Monroe Counties Indiana
1914 B. F. Bowen & Co. Inc. Indianapolis, Indiana


Not until the year 1817 was there a land entry made in the township and then they followed in rapid succession. Some of these were: R Hunton 1820; M. Wooley 1820; Noah Wright 1819; Thomas Hodges 1817; Isreal Hind 1819; John Parr 1819; H Nichols 1820; James Ellison 1820; Enoch Parr 1817; T Carr 1820; Arthur Parr 1819; Martin Flinn 1820; Patrick Welch 1817; Noah Wright 1820; William White 1820; D Flinn 1820; James Taggert 1820; John Guthrie 1820; Thomas Flinn 1820; Benjamin Drake 1818; William Flinn 1820; J Allen 1820; Hugh Guthrie 1820; Robert Flinn 1819; Benjamin Newkirk 1820; George Stell, John Speer, Ephraim D. Lux, John Trespey, Abraham Sutherland, David White, Alfred Alexander, Jacob Weaver, Moses Flinn, William Smith, Elijah Curry, Micajah Poole and Gamaliel Millgar were early residents around Leesville.


Leesville is the namesake of Lee County, Virginia, from whence came the first settlers came to this locality. The town was laid out in June, 1818, and is next to the oldest town recorded in Lawrence County, Bono leading. In 1831 Leesville decided to incorporate by election, and accordingly did so. However, the incorporation did not last very long.